Friday, July 13, 2012

Long couple of days!

I have had a super long last 2 days! I was so exhausted yesterday that I didn't get a blog in. Today we went to the lake and so I am, again, so tired! I have tried to sit down and write on a few different topics but my brain is just not working!!

So I've decided to just write out some thoughts, again =) If you're new to my blog you'll soon come to realize that I do a lot of thinking and always, always have a lot on my mind! I hope that I can get back on the blogging challenge tomorrow after a good nights sleep. I didn't want to get too far behind, so I'm forcing a quick post out tonight.

** Yesterday while looking through a few pics of Spencer on his birthday in 2011, I realized that I haven't sat down and had a good look at a picture of Spencer in a good, long while. It tugged at my heart strings a little bit to see his smiling face again and I couldn't study it very long. Definitely made me remember just how much I miss it. Oh his beautiful face...

** I've really been wanting to make some progress with this book, but I'm having a REALLY hard time with getting started. I guess I have started... I've written out a couple different outlines, but actually digging in and going for it is proving super hard! I know that I mentioned having all my posts gathered together, but sorting through them all is proving to be a really overwhelming task! If anyone has any tips, suggestions, advice, facts whatever-it-may-be on getting started with the book writing process, I would really appreciate your input!

** My last day of work was yesterday. I'm really going to miss the two kiddos that I babysit for. Though she might have squealed every morning when I arrived, she warmed up to me quickly and we always had a great day!! So many activities together =)

** My mother will NEVER be ready for me to leave! haha. I mentioned that I am supposed to leave next weekend and how crazy it was that it's coming up so soon. Mom let me know she wasn't prepared for me to go and she didn't "approve" ;-)

** I need to start taking the time to reply to comments on my blog! I really didn't think about it until I read a blog for the UBC suggesting to get more comments on their blogs. I mainly just write for myself and don't really expect a lot of comments on what I write... but I do LOVE when I see that I have comments to approve! I read every single comment, honestly! A lot of times I'm just not sure what to reply. All the comments are always so sweet and I appreciate every single one of them =) So please keep commenting and I am going to try to get better with responding and returning the favor ;-) Also, if you like what you read don't forget to "follow" me ----> over there on the side!

** I'm NOT looking forward to the heat coming back! We've had a nice break from the 100-112 degree heat for about a week. Finally had some rain and some cool temps. But it looks like this next week we're going to be back into the 100s every day with plenty of wind. Thankfully I have no outdoor plans and can just stay in, pack, and try to remain cool!

** This blog challenge is kicking my butt! Writing every day is really hard for me being in KS because I do the same things every day. This is a blog about my life, and right now my life is not all that exciting! When I get back to Utah I hope to have lots to write about, but I also realized that I am not going to have internet where I am staying! It's going to be a lot more challenging to get in my blogs every day, but hopefully I can find a place nearby that I can relax and write a blog once a day. Might have to write a few blogs in advance in case I can't get anywhere -- thank goodness for quick posting with smart phones!

** I am THRILLED that I have gotten nearly 20,000 views on my blog; from all over the WORLD. It's so much fun looking through my blog stats seeing where people are visiting my blog from, what websites direct them to my blog, and what posts are the most popular. I am almost up to 200 posts! Only 6 more to go after this one posts!

So with all of that off my mind -- I think I'm going to call it a night. Back to regular, well thought out posts tomorrow, I hope!


  1. Hey!
    I know when I was writing my novel last November, and even with the book I'm currently working on, sifting through blog entries was super hard. I could never find the one I wanted, or I would remember one line and I couldn't find that post again, or nothing seemed to fit perfectly! I can definatly relate with your frustrations!
    If you ever want to talk, or want some advice, feel free to shoot me a message. I may not be a pro, but I definatly learned a thing or two writing and publishing my last book

    1. Thanks Alisha! It's just nice to know I'm not the only one who has difficulty with things like that! haha!