Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th Of July

Holidays are always hard for me now that I don't have my husband to share them with. 4th of July was never a huge holiday for us anyway, Spencer was always sick. Two years ago on the 4th he was in the hospital -- it honestly wasn't horrible because we had a great view from his hospital room over the valley so we were able to see a bunch of fireworks. I always tried to make holidays in the hospital fun, but for the 4th there wasn't too much to do.

Last year our holiday started out wonderfully! Spencer surprised me with juggling a huge plate of breakfast, a drink, his oxygen tank, and Nacho up our VERY STEEP driveway. It was a huge deal and probably one of my very favorite memories! =) So sweet of him.  We went up into the mountains and had a lovely picnik with a beautiful view. We had plans to watch fireworks later that night but Spence got very tired and super wore out so he went to bed early. I was pretty bummed out, but I went out into the drive way and was able to watch some fireworks down in the valley.

This 4th of July is a lot different. It doesn't even seem like a holiday at all, well at least the way we are used to spending it. Usually there are tons of fireworks going off and sometimes we light off our own. But this year there is a huge fireworks ban in our area and all surrounding areas because of the dry, hot weather. But despite all of that I've had a GREAT day! My sister and I spent a lot of time together. I'm very thankful that she has kept me off of the computer and has kept my mind busy. Usually when I'm on facebook all day during a holiday I get really depressed because everyone talks about how they are spending time with their husbands, kids, wives.... family. Granted I have my family (mom, dad, sister)... but I just always miss my husband, naturally.
We raced Mari Kart on the Wii, we made some chocolate covered strawberries, cleaned the bunny and gerbil cages, and then we spent about 2 hours outside having a huge water fight and home made slip 'n' slide! So much fun! I may be 21, but the kid in me is definitely still there =) We then had hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. I took a break out to write a blog but I think we're going to play the game cube (old school games ;-) and then head to bed... I'm exhausted! (with that being said I apologize for any typos or mistakes! so tired!)

So I hope everyone has had a wonderful Independence Day today =) Please be safe with your festivities and be careful with those fireworks!!

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