Monday, February 1, 2010

Living with a disease....

So I just feel the need to talk about living with a disease. I think this goes for about any chronic illness. But living specifically with IBD, specifically, Crohn's Disease.

I'm not going to talk much about it right now - but that's probably going to be a majority of my posts over the next week-ish =) It's something that has been greatly affecting me lately, and I want to express my thoughts down on paper, or well, a keyboard haha

Since I've been in college, living in a dorm, and having a room mate, new things have come up that I never once thought about before. I mean I've heard all about it, but until now, I never had to deal with any of it... Hopefully with writing my thoughts down, I can pinpoint what I need to work on to overcome some of the struggles I've been facing.

<3 Nikki.

Big Step!

Wow! Spencer and I went apartment hunting on Friday - with SUCCESS!!! Ya! I am so very excited! We've looked at two places so far. The first one was kind of a let down. We walked away with thoughts such as "I guess it's okay. We could probably live there if we had to. But we definitely want to keep looking." So we went back to Spencer's and searched some more online and one apartment complex struck us so we went to check it out.... and fell in LOVE with it. It is the most wonderful place a person could imagine - for it being the very first apartment or home.

The rooms are plenty big, it is in our price range, the area is perfect, great hospitals nearby (like we're talking about top-notch!). It's 743 square feet, and is so much bigger than we expected. There is no way we can pass this place up. The value is very much worth it.

Soooo. We are putting down a deposit on Friday!!! =D We get half off the deposit and 30 bucks off of monthly price if we secure a spot now - so we're doing it. We've thought it over, and it's worth it.

Now we won't be moving in until, most likely, September. Which seems FOREVER away. But just the thought of improving things is such a motivation! =) I know Spencer is absolutely thrilled about it. He is also pretty nervous, but I would be too in his situation. Heck I am a little nervous, anyway! He's nervous about it just for the fact that with the CF it makes things harder, paying and being responsible for everything... Ya know.. things like that. But the way things are going in his home life right now - something has to change. And this is it!!!

The only thing I'm really eh about, and kind of angry about, is the judgments I'm getting from people. You know... moving in before marriage and such. Specially in an LDS community. It's seriously looked down upon. Don't get us wrong though, if we had it our way and certain things didn't come in the way.. we WANT to wait until we are married to get a place and live together. We'd rather be looking when we're married. But there just isn't a way that is possible if we want to keep Spencer's health in good condition, and this is really going to help my health and life too. Dorm life isn't great for a Crohnie.

I just don't appreciate how people draw conclusions, judgments, and assumptions when they don't know the full situation. It REALLY bothers me. They just see it as, an unmarried couple living together. They don't see the fact that Spencer's life, basically, depends on this, and with his Cystic Fibrosis we need to make decisions based around what is best for him and our relationship. Oh well... I guess people are people, ya know. =/ Nothing's going to change. At least we know the real and full reason this is happening.

I am just so excited that I couldn't wait to write it all down. It's such a huge step!!!!! And the improvement thats going to come out of it should be GREAT. I can't wait to basically, start over and live the life both Spencer and I have been wanting... without the stress of CF, home life, dorm life, family life... you name it, it's there. His family falls perfectly into Murphy's law - What can go wrong, will go wrong.

We're going to change that ;-)

<3 Nikki