Friday, February 25, 2011

Bamboo.Pink - Jewelry!!!

So, I've been thinking about taking the plunge for a couple months now on some independent sales. I have been super tight on money and I just don't have much to save. I'm pretty much living from month to month on what I have!!!

I thought about while I am looking for a 'real' job and even after I find one to start selling something like scentsy, avon, or starting my own Etsy store... but it seems like all of my friends are doing the same things so I decided not to go ahead with it. Plus I'm not all that great at selling things!!!

But just as I decided to give up with the independent sales I just heard about this new jewelry line coming out in March called Bamboo.Pink! I've always loved jewelry but a lot of it is too expensive for poor little me - buuut this line seems pretty affordable and from the few pieces I've seen, it looks super cute!

So let me tell you a little bit about Bamboo.Pink - & maybe convince you to sign up with the link I will provide later hehe. (PS. I'll say this again later, with more explanation, but singing up is NO OBLIGATION to sell jewelry!!!)

It's a new jewelry line made and designed by JudeFrances. Bamboo.Pink consists of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, iPhone/Pad covers, sunglasses and much more. They are predicting that this will be the fastest growing women's internet start-up company in history.. Hmm pretty impressive :-p The jewelry will be sold through consultants on personal websites and through "virtual" jewelry parties, but you can also host parties if you like but you never have to buy jewelry to keep in stock at your house since it's all internet based!!!

So right now, since they haven't officially launched the line, it's not about selling - right now it's about getting AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN TO SIGN UP so that they can have a big base to start selling as soon as they launch! I hope I made myself loud and clear! Haha. So basically what I'm saying, is that if I can get people to sign up, I have the opportunity to earn some free jewelry, cash, and other prizes. The more people that I can get to click on this link, the better off I'll be! =) And if you want the chance to win these prizes, you can get people to sign up through YOUR link and so on. If you just want to see if you can win some free prizes and aren't interested in selling jewelry, NO PROBLEM! If you decide that after you have signed up that you don't want to sell, they will simply remove your name and you're not obligated to do a thing, plus you get to keep the free stuff, cool! Signup is FREE for only a few more weeks!!!! So don't miss out!!! You have no obligation - so just dooo it!!!!

So here's what I'm saying. I'm not only signing up to get the free stuff, but I'm seriously thinking about trying to sell some stuff so that I can have a little bit of money on the side... I also just want to let my friends know that this is out there and it's something I want to sell in the near future :)

Here's what I'm asking of you......
Can you sign up by clicking on this link ---->
You don't have to commit to ANYTHING at all. The more people I get to sign up for this - the better my chances are of winning some cool prizes before I start selling some awesome jewelry! And if you get people to sign up through your link you have some chances to win prizes as well =)

Once BambooPink has launched in March, I will let you all know more info of how to order their products through me!
Thanks for helping me out! =)


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wait and it will come to you...

Wow. I was really beginning to doubt my chances of landing a nanny job or a regular scheduled babysitting job. I was thinking that I was going to have to take the route of working at Smith's or being a CNA, even though I don't have the interest in becoming a CNA anymore. I have looked online many times for a job and nothing has went through because of either schedule conflicts, location, or requirements. Spencer and my friends have been telling me to just wait and a job that is a right fit will come up eventually... I was beginning to doubt them!!!

I was looking online for jobs last night, ready to apply for about anything that would pop up. I had about 4 pages book marked to send resumes to and there was a job as a nanny that looked like a good fit and so late last night I decided to send an email to the family inquiring some information.

Low and behold I woke up to an e-mail this morning from that family!! And things get more exciting from there!

Now before you dig into me and start lecturing, I am very aware the potential risks of finding work online. I'm being super careful and cautious and I won't do anything stupid. I have my guards raised so please don't worry - I'm a smart girl!

Sooo.. The father e-mailed me back telling me that an interview wouldn't be possible. My heart sank as I thought, once again, a job that sounded perfect wouldn't work out.. but then I went on to read... Their family is from Scotland (ahhhhh!) and THAT'S why an interview in person wouldn't be possible! He's a doctor, she's a teacher. They are living in Scotland now and are currently looking at moving to the states. =) They need someone they can trust to look at a few houses for them and then help their family get settled and feel welcome here. After they get settled they would like someone to nanny after school for a few hours. PERFECT!

Ok now pause... nothing is final right now with this. I have NO idea if anyone else has sent him an email and if he will be interested in me. It sounded positive, but I don't want to get my hopes TOO high before it's official. But it's kind of hard not to because for so many reasons I feel like I would love to watch after his kids.
I mean... number one.. I get to look at houses - come on, who wouldn't?! Even though it's not for myself, it's fun to do. Number two... he said that they are very flexible with schedules and so I would basically get to choose my hours!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?! I have such a crummy schedule this semester, and THAT'S what's been getting in the way of many jobs.. So for someone I can choose my hours with - that's perfect. They also said pay was negotiable which is super good and a good sign that they are willing to work with me and everything.

(And yes, again, I know.... There are risks involved with speaking to someone from a different country. I know, if they need me to pay for anything - I'm not going to do it.... I know warning signs and I won't fall into that category of innocent people getting screwed over... so don't worry.)

I am really excited about this. As I said.. I don't want to get my hopes up too high, but it sounds pretty promising. I e-mailed them back telling them a little about myself since they shared a little about their family, and gave them some references so that he can contact people so that they can trust me more.... I guess we'll see where it goes from there :)
Please send good vibes and pray for this.... I DESPERATELY need a job and so far it sounds like a very good fit.I just need to know that everything will work out and that it's not some kind of scam.

:) :) :) Gosh I hope this works.....

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thank you!

So before I head to bed, I thought I'd make a quick blog....

First I want to say THANK you to all who called Spencer or sent him a message today. I can't even begin to describe how much it meant to him that you all took the time out to show him that you care and that you support him. He beamed today every single time he got a phone call or read a nice post. If you could send encouraging thoughts to him the rest of the week while he's here it'd be great =)

I also want to give a special thanks to Kristin and Krystle for coming to visit today!! We had SUCH a good time with you guys today - it was so nice to see new faces here in the hospital and we REALLY appreciate that you took the time to stop by and say hello!!!!
And also a HUGE thanks to Christine and Adam for staying here until the wee hours of the night playing games with us! I don't think I've laughed that hard in ages! SO much fun! Thanks for sticking around!!!!

Spencer is feeling better and doing well =) His PFTs are good right now for the 1/2 mark and the doc thought a good goal was to get his FEV1 in the lower 40's before he's discharged. Planned discharge is Thursday, the 17th; so he's got all week to work to get them up! :) His Glucose tolerance test came back alright - I don't think he has the diabetes! So that's a super good sign - One thing we don't yet have to deal with.

I think we're starting to go insane in here! Being prepared for the hospital really helps get us through the first week - but the second week seems brutal! :-P Doing the same things every day gets so boring. And he's feeling better so we get pretty antsy... But at least the first week went by fairly quickly!

Hope that starting on Monday we'll feel the days zoom by!!!

If you still would like to visit, call, or email I or Spence - Feel free!!! Let me know if you need any info to do so :)

Thanks!! :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Poem written out of boredom!

We’re staring at these same four walls,

It’s not much better than roaming the halls.

It gets quite boring day after day,

Wondering what to do, what to say.

Nurses and doctors come in and go out,

Giving us news that won’t make us pout.

Treatments and medicine, 4 times a day,

If he doesn’t do them, they’ll make him pay!

The hospital, you see, it’s not very fun,

We’d rather be sitting out in the sun!

Calls and visits are always real nice,

They keep us sane, they do suffice.

Two weeks is long when you’re all alone,

It’d be real nice if you’d pick up the phone!

Call us, say “Hi!”, “How are you?”, “You’re missed!”

Call just to check in, let us know you exist.

It’s so very nice to know that you care,

It makes him smile , keeps him from despair!

So call, write, or visit, please don’t be shy,

Here let me aid you, it stars with a “Hi!” J

Friday, February 4, 2011

Baaack again... and visitors are welcome!!!!

Well, we're back in the hospital again... usually I would be really upset about this - but I think both Spencer and I were more prepared to be admitted this time. Sure, we don't enjoy being in here - but in order to be at the top, these stays are needed.

Spence had a clinic appointment last Wednesday. The doctor said that he was sounding great, his sats were doing well, and she felt like he didn't need a stay. GREAT! We went home and was able to do a few things, until he started to feel crummy. It started out slowly, just being more tired and not feeling like himself. Then on Wednesday morning he woke up really sick. He was throwing up and he looked pretty sick. He also developed a rash on his foot the night before. The rash that appeared, came up the last time his kidneys flared up pretty bad - so it had us both a little concerned.

He called his doc Wednesday morning and they squeezed him in. His doc decided that a hospitalization was needed and so he went in.

I was in agreement. I don't think he's been up to par ever since he was discharged from the hospital the last time and so I think this will get up over that slump he was in.

One thing that's been pretty off this time is his blood sugars. They've been all over the place and they aren't sure whats going on. He'll just randomly spike high levels. At one point it was over 200. Blah. So they are watching that. I REALLY hope hes not developing CFRD >.<>

And one last thing............ VISITORS ARE MORE THAN WELCOME!!!!!! :)
Even though Spence is in the hospital frequently, it doesn't make it any less boring and "miserable". The occasional visitor is more than appreciated!!!! :) Just let Spencer or I know if you'd like to come and we'll give you the room info and such!!!