Monday, August 16, 2010

Quick blog

I know I haven't written in here recently... I've just been really busy, not in the mood to blog, finally in the mood to blog but no words to type what I was feeling...

But now.. I just want to write real quickly.

Spencer is in the hospital again.. Minor setback... He was doing SO good with his lungs, and then he coughed just a little too hard which stretched out his lungs to where they leaked a little bit of air. I am SO thankful that it wasn't anything any more serious. I don't know if I would have handled that very well.

But I'm just so frustrated and upset. It just seems like it's one thing after another. Things start to go just so well - and then something random happens that sets him back.. =( He was doing SOO well!!! He was fighting some depression, but he had an appointment for it which would have started to get him back on his way emotionally. But that appt was Wednesday - he's in the hospital.. He isn't going to make it to his appt... therefore it has to be set back.. AGAIN. =/ I want to stay so positive.. I really do - but it. is. so. HARD! When things keep happening, I can't always be happy go lucky about the situation.. I just can't.

They also started him on antibiotics.. which means.. instead of staying a few days or a week until the air out of his chest went away.. we are looking at a full TWO WEEKS.... AGAIN in the hospital. Now I can't say this for certain.. they might decide he is just fine and can go home.. but with his doctor.. if he starts antibiotics.. he stays on them for two full weeks. I understand.. but it doesn't make me any less frustrated! I was hoping he'd be home soon so that we could enjoy the week I have left before my life gets CRAZY because of school starting... Guess that won't happen =/ the week before my life is back to the old grind and we're spending it in the hospital.. fun stuff, let me tell you..... U.G.H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buuuuut....... I'm trying my best to be positive. To think positive.

Positive Thoughts:
Spencer has improved
His doctors are starting to believe he is being more compliant
He was doing SO good at keeping up with meds and treatments
He made me proud
This 'set back' wasn't serious
This didn't threaten his life like the 3 times last year
He is going to be okay
He's still the same ol' Spencer!
He has a chance to improve in the hospital even more to get beyond his "normal"

I think that's a pretty good list.... now only if my mind would STAY on that LIST!!!!

I guess this wasn't as 'quick' as I thought it'd be.. I just got to typing and couldn't stop... eeesh!