Saturday, July 10, 2010

Living Life = Getting Sick

And with my last blog post about an amazingly fantastic day... came over a week of concentrating on feeling better in the hospital.
Spence got himself pretty sick - from my understanding with a talk I had with his doctor... He was sicker than he's been in a long time!

All because he was living his life. Just trying to live and be with family.

We were with family a couple weeks ago and we all went swimming. As I posted before - Spencer got in the water for the first time in 4 or 5 years. He had a blast... but made himself really sick. He wasn't very careful about his oxygen tubing in the water and didn't change it out right away - so therefore he ended up giving himself another lung infection because of all the germs in the water. Frustrating! he expressed to me how upset he was by just saying that all he was trying to do is be with family and live life - unaccording to CF. I mean; who can blame him?!

He was trying to do everything at home possible to stay out of the hospital.. but as time went by - the infection just got worse and the poor guy couldn't breathe. Man it is so hard and heart breaking to watch someone you love gasping for air and struggling to breathe. What we take for granted he has to concentrate on every second of every day.... and it sucks.
He was going to try to wait to go in on the 6th when he had his next clinic appt. But he ended up having me take him into the ER on Sunday due to lack of energy and not being able to catch his breath. Blood tests showed that he was really sick and they admitted him.

Usually he sleeps the first 2 days.. gets the antibiotic blues (nauseous while adjusting to them) for 2 to 3 days.. and then feels so so much better. This time it took about a full week for him to even start to get to feeling better.. and he still has no appetite.

But here's the strange thing...

He went in with a super bad infection - yet they are thinking about discharging him on Monday (the week mark) instead of the two week mark.. uhmm what?!
Here's the thing.. He's been doing extremely well lung wise lately! I couldn't be more shocked! I haven't ever seen him improve and bounce back this quick!
On Friday he went down a full 2 liters of oxygen in a matter of a day.. from 5 liters to 3. amazing. Last time he was in the hospital he was on 8 to 10 liters while exercising... this time.. he only has to be on 5 to 6 liters. how. The RTs are saying his lungs sound fantastic and that he's doing so well. It was the PA who told him that he would go home Monday, if his PFTs were up... so who knows if the doctor will let that slide or not...
His PFTs when he went in were at 30.. a typical number for him upon admit..
His normal range is around 40... I really hope when he does PFTs on Monday they are excellent!

The thing I question is... even if he is so much better at the week mark... is there a chance that he can improve above and beyond what his average is if he stays 2 weeks?? He wonders the same thing.

I would love nothing more than for Spence to get to come home on Monday... but I would rather him work to get beyond his normal... The hospital is the best place for that to happen. I want him to stay out of there longer this time. I want him to be able to live his summer!

So he's going to question the doctors on Monday to see if maybe it would just be best if he stay for 2 weeks...

Guess that's all for now.. I have more to write but this is getting lengthy and I would be switching subjects anyway... So I'll save it for a different blog..

Praying that Spence can achieve maximum health this hospital stay!!!