Thursday, October 7, 2010

Leave him alone! =(

For the most part things have been going wonderfully =) Got out of the hospital on Monday. That evening Spencer and I went to DI and PetCo and just spent some time together. Him being on only 2 to 3 liters while we are out is a blessing. It really is. Hauling 5 or 6 tanks everywhere and then changing the tank every hour to hour and a half was just a huge hassle and would make us just want to stay home. But now he could get by with ONE SMALL TANK for 3 hours on 2 liters. It was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Oh goodness - the little things in life!
There seems to be a small stomach bug/flu going around in the house though =( This has not been fun. Spencer's mom had it for 2-3 days. She's feeling better now. I haven't been feeling too well, myself.. Stomach cramps a lot and nausea.. but I haven't thrown up! Spencer, on the other hand, really caught it.
He's been sick for 4 days now with it. It hit him Tuesday, the day after we came home. He's been nauseous and having a hard time keeping down food. Running a low grade fever - about 100. But it's nothing bad. His body is a bit achey and he's been sleeping - a lot. But he has been trying to just push through it! Bless him. He has just had it rough this past year! Sickness just won't leave him ALONE!
It gets really frustrating for me, as well as him. I have to remind myself that just because he's out of the hospital doesn't mean hes uhmm... cured. I always want him to do so much, but I have to remember that we have to take it slow and we can't do all that much in one day.. But a little progress is HUGE in our book. I am proud of him.

Tomorrow we head to Kansas! I am super excited! Hopefully he'll be feeling a little bit better by then. I am so used to having to make the long 12 hour trip all by myself. Ugh so boring and I never look forward to it - but this time i am SO READY FOR IT! I can't wait! It will be so nice to have my fiance with me and our little puppy, Nacho =) The company will be great and I'm sure we'll have a fantastic time. I can't wait to see my family and show Spencer around my town - something we never have really gotten to do because he's been sick the past couple times he's been here.

That's all for now - time to go shopping for snacks for the roadddd trriiip!!! =)