Friday, February 4, 2011

Baaack again... and visitors are welcome!!!!

Well, we're back in the hospital again... usually I would be really upset about this - but I think both Spencer and I were more prepared to be admitted this time. Sure, we don't enjoy being in here - but in order to be at the top, these stays are needed.

Spence had a clinic appointment last Wednesday. The doctor said that he was sounding great, his sats were doing well, and she felt like he didn't need a stay. GREAT! We went home and was able to do a few things, until he started to feel crummy. It started out slowly, just being more tired and not feeling like himself. Then on Wednesday morning he woke up really sick. He was throwing up and he looked pretty sick. He also developed a rash on his foot the night before. The rash that appeared, came up the last time his kidneys flared up pretty bad - so it had us both a little concerned.

He called his doc Wednesday morning and they squeezed him in. His doc decided that a hospitalization was needed and so he went in.

I was in agreement. I don't think he's been up to par ever since he was discharged from the hospital the last time and so I think this will get up over that slump he was in.

One thing that's been pretty off this time is his blood sugars. They've been all over the place and they aren't sure whats going on. He'll just randomly spike high levels. At one point it was over 200. Blah. So they are watching that. I REALLY hope hes not developing CFRD >.<>

And one last thing............ VISITORS ARE MORE THAN WELCOME!!!!!! :)
Even though Spence is in the hospital frequently, it doesn't make it any less boring and "miserable". The occasional visitor is more than appreciated!!!! :) Just let Spencer or I know if you'd like to come and we'll give you the room info and such!!!


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