Saturday, July 14, 2012


Thursday was Spencer's birthday. All of the posts on Spencer's facebook wall wishing him a first absolutely perfect birthday in Heaven was comforting to me. At first it was a shock to see all the posts and having them remind me that it was his birthday, and honestly a bit upsetting, but after getting used to it my mind and heart were set at ease. I'm always blown away with how many people miss him, cared about him, love him, etc. It always makes me remember the kind spirit he had =)

If you read my post from a couple of days ago, you will remember that I asked people to release a balloon to celebrate Spencer's life for his birthday. Thank you very much if you were able to do that! After I got off work my sister and I went to the store and bought some balloons and a cake! We then went to the park, wrote on our balloons, and released them for sweet Spencer. (photos taken by my sister, Shayna!)

After dinner we ate some chocolate cake in memory of him as well as his two favorite candies (bummer that we forgot the gummy bears!)

My sister and I shared some great memories of him and I also received a video of the Riddle family releasing balloons in memory of Spencer (which made me tear up!) and a couple of pics from other people I know releasing a balloon -- THANK YOU! Really put a smile on my face =)

Thursday also marked my last day of watching two amazing and beautiful kiddos. I am really going to miss them! I walked into the house that morning was was greeted with this sight: (Why yes that is Doc. McStuffins -- Ashlyn's favorite show!)

It nearly brought me to tears!! Both Ash and Andrew made me a card as well. We had such a great day! We did some crafts, went to the playground, watched Doc. McStuffin's, played tag outside, slip n' slide, picnik at the park, rest, swimming pool, water balloons, and then slip n' slide again! Whew -- I got tired just typin that out! haha. I hope to post a slide show later on when I find the perfect song to go with all of our adventures throughout the last 5-6 months!

Yesterday my sister and I went to Enders lake for the day and had a great time. We didn't spend a whole lot of time there, we got a late start, but we did a lot of swimming, a little bit of walking around, and lots of talking. We weren't thinking ahead very much and so we didn't bring any cards or anything so we got bored and decided to leave. Definitely going to miss this girl!!

And finally today! It was a bit of an emotional day for me -- no particular reason, really. I just had VERY low patience and when a little but of frustration emerges, a lot does! I attempted to finish a sewing project that I had started a few weeks ago... But I got to the zipper and got SO frustrated! I sewed on the zipper backwards and unfortunately put in the smallest stitches that my sewing machine could do, and I double stitched (quadruple stitched one side... I got confused lol) the whole thing... wonderful. I did NOT have the patience to rip it all out and so I threatened to throw it away when my mom refused to let me and then proceeded to rip out the million stitches that I put in. I love her! I think she got tired of it fairly quickly, though, since she put it aside for now.

We then went through a few boxes in the "craft" room which didn't take too long. AFter that my sister and I, once again, played Mario Kart and then we made Spencer and I's infamous Watermelon Lemonaid! Turned out great and I'm enjoying every last sip!

So that is my last few days in a nut shell. Been very busy, but I'm loving every moment of it. Soaking up the last week I get with my family!


  1. I wish blogger had a LIKE button =)

    1. Why thank you! I'm assuming this would be your "like" on my post! ;-) It is so good finally having something to do, busy or not! Going to miss my family!