Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's a grilled cheese kind of night!

I have been thinking and thinking all day long about what to post about in my blog tonight, and I just can't think of anything. I have thought of a couple ideas to post on, but I just don't have the motivation or effort to conjure up a list, or do a little bit of research... and so these thoughts remain in my head for a later posting! The fact that I truly don't know what to write could really just be the fact that I'm over thinking it because I know that for the UBC I need to write a blog every day.

Or it could be that I am just super tired and frankly quite crabby.. The little girl that I babysit for every day... I love her to death! but she was a handful and a bit crabby herself. She had a sassy attitude all day long. Crying when she couldn't hold her brothers hand. Crying when I wouldn't let her stay in her other brothers room alone. Crying when I told her I couldn't read books with her because I was in the middle of making lunch. Upset because I made her rest (just like I do every day). Upset when I woke her up because Andrew wasn't there. Bummed when the popsicle melted all over her when we were outside. I think you get the gist ;-) Just one of those days!!! Was happy to get home, but once I did everything seemed to get on my nerves. My mind exploded with everything I needed to do and it seemed like all of my fears and worries about my immediate future came to mind. What a wonderful way to begin what you thought would be a relaxing evening! I went to the store and bought things for dinner tomorrow night but didn't think of planning things out for tonights dinner. I really didn't want to brainstorm and I didn't want to cook a thing. My mom got home late and didn't feel like cooking either -- so I settled to cook grilled cheese for the family or I knew we'd be either fending for ourselves (with nothing in the house to fend...) or eating at 9:30 at night... On nights like these I think it's perfectly acceptable to have some grilled cheese for dinner and do not a thing until it's time for bed. =) It happens to the best of us!

So tonight I am going to take a little reprieve with my regular blog posting goals for this month and do a back-up post that I was saving for a day like this when a topic just wouldn't come to mind. Though this is only day 3 and I'm already resorting to one of these topics... Oh help me for the rest of the month ;-)

Frist of all -- have you guys tried Biscoff Spread? I just have to quickly share my love of this stuff with everyone because I think that if you haven't tried it -- you're missing out.
I'm telling you... I consider this the new Nutella! It is so, so good. It was described to me as kind of like a gingersnap cookie. Once known as the airline cookie and spread and now it's avalible at Wal*Mart =) It can be used as a Peanut butter alternative. It's nothing like PB, of course. Very sweet and delicious. I have been putting it on Bagels. But on Sunday I had another idea... Why not put it into a milkshake -- so that's just what I did!

Directions are simple to make a milk shake so I don't think I need to elaborate ;-) But I took some vanilla fudge swirl ice cream, a bit of milk, and a giant heap of the Biscoff Spread... mixed it all together and found out this is my new go-to milkshake!

I also found on their website a ton of recipes that have the spread in them! http://biscoffblog.com/recipes/ Please go buy yourself some and then proceed to make said recipes! =)

This milkshake was so good that now I am talking about it again -- I am thinking I need to go make me one.... This will be "wonderful" for trying to get back into the routine of walking/running every day. But with my day... maybe the milkshake minus the run would be totally acceptable?! I sure hope so -- tomorrow evening please treat me kindly with an introduction back into why you don't take a day off of exercising when you are just trying to get back into it! ;-)

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