Thursday, July 26, 2012

This job is..... me.

If everything works out in my favor, I definitely have my near future planned out. This is very exciting for me especially because of the fact that just a few weeks ago I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Now true that I don't know what I want to do with my life in it's entirety, (career wise and such) but having a goal and a plan for the next year or two is a big step in the right direction. 

I think I mentioned the fact that I wanted to sign up for phlebotomy classes. I'm not sure that I wrote that the very next day I took the plunge and signed up for classes beginning on August 2nd! Just one week away! I am nervous as heck about them, poking people and inflicting pain while being poked and prodded by people just like me, without proper technique, but at the same time I absolutely cannot wait. I have been interested in this field for about 6 years now and I can't believe that I am finally going to take a course, get a certificate (and if I so choose a national certification) and peruse this curiosity and interest and take it to the next level! Everything that I have ever wanted to do before requires at least 4 years of schooling…. and now I can get something done that I want to do in just 6 weeks. Granted this isn't the end of my schooling - I still have a LONG ways to go… but this is a stepping stone in the right direction. I am going to find out if this is, in fact, the career path that I want to choose. I am SO ready! 

I found several job openings at ARUP Labs and I strongly feel that this is where I need to be. I can't work as a phlebotomist for probably about 7 or 8 weeks (classes and externship) and even then I will have to find some way to get on the job experience before I can apply for specific jobs. For the past 3 years when thinking about phlebotomy I always thought it would be fun for me to work in a hospital and I've always noticed ARUP staff running around the hospital, labs, etc. I always wondered if that could be me. SOOOO… as I said I found jobs open at ARUP as a lab tech and I am going to send in my resume and application tomorrow or Thursday. Reason why I think this would be the ideal place for me to work is because I think it will be a nice look to see how it's done…. What working in a lab consists of. It's also getting my name in the door at their lab. It's a stepping stone for a future job at ARUP labs as a phlebotomist when I am qualified. By working as a lab tech I can allow myself some time to get some experience and then with all hopes I will be able to transfer and get a new job within their company. Smart, huh? I sure hope so. 

I don't think I have ever wanted a job so badly to be honest with you. I sat down today and read, and reread about 100 times, the job description. I picked out several key qualifications, strengths, and skills required and preferred to work as a lab tech. In fact I picked up on about 15 of them. I am having a hard time picking out which ones are the top three and describe be best… because they all fit who I am. I match up nearly perfectly with what they are looking for. About the only thing I am lacking is previous lab experience. I do have lab experience with HS labs and my anatomy lab, which is great… I just don't know if that's the specific experience they are looking for. 
So I match up to their job description nearly perfectly and it's a job that really fits my interests. The hours are fantastic and very manageable for me. The pay is fantastic and will allow me not just to get by month to month, but to be able to pay off my debt much, much quicker than I thought I could so that I can go back to school to finish my degree. I would also be able to afford my OWN place and not have to live with a room mate. All things that I can only dream of right now. All things that I so badly want.

As I said… not only do I desperately want this job, but I strongly feel like this is where I want to and need to be. I feel like I am a perfect fit for the job. But how to get that across? How to type out a cover letter and resume that isn't like all of the others and really, really stands out. Yes I can totally say that I'm accurate, timely, reliable… which I AM, it's just in my nature and who I am… but how do you say things like that in a way that doesn't sound like how everyone else says it?! What the heck can I do to get myself an interview to expand on the limited things that I am allowed to write? I want an interview. I want a chance! 
I feel like I have already spent so much time on trying to make this perfect and unique and not what they want to hear, but what I really have to say and who I am…. yet I haven't gotten very far at all

I am such a modest person! I don't brag about anything! I keep my talents and my strengths to myself. When I'm asked to present them and talk about them I freeze because it's something I'm not used to doing. I am awful at selling myself… at least on paper that is. Give me an interview and that's a completely different story!! In person I feel like I can do a great job with some preparation! And I am NOT a person to use just a few words. I mean heck if you read my blogs, they are plenty long! Usually 2 or 3 pages on Word. (whoops lol) It's really hard for me to be concise and to the point. I like to expand on everything… That's why I want to be given a chance at an interview, I then have the opportunity to expand on things most important. 

Ahhh I just really want this. If you guys have ANY tips at all, please, PLEASE let me know. I have looked up tons of resume and cover writing tips, suggestions, and samples. They only help a little bit. What has worked for YOU? What do you feel has gotten you an interview? What can I do to get this job?

Prayers are also very much appreciated =)


  1. I am so happy you are going through with college!! My senior year of High School I took this computer/buisness class and we used microsoft word starter to create our first resumes. There is a program on there I believe called "resume wizard". If you would like I might be able to send you a copy of mine (needs a little updating) so you can look it over and get an idea. I do think you have to have some type of Word in order to open it though...but I have used this with every job and 5 of them hired me on the spot! Just let me know! Good luck with all you do, you are great with words and I know they will see all your great qualities!

  2. Hi Nikki! I read your blog on a whim and thought I'd offer my services. I am going to school to be a book editor, and currently make my extra money editing/helping/tutoring with college papers and resume's. If you would like, I can leave you with my email address. I would be more than happy to look over your resume and offer suggestions or skim it down for you! (Don't worry, I won't charge you! Haha!)

    I wish you luck, and hope you are able to get to where you want to be in life!

  3. May I give you (as a former supervisor who acted as a hiring manager several times in my career) some general advice? I can't tell you how many times I rejected resumes because of poor spelling or bad grammar. I assumed if someone didn't have the time or energy to proofread their resume they would not do well at the detail oriented jobs my department offered. If you are responding to a job post, please make sure the resume shows how you are qualified for that one particular job. Do not ever use a "general one size fits all" resume. Take the time to research the company you will be interviewing with and learn something about them. Send a thank you note after the interview, if you feel, after the interview, that you still are interested in the position. I wish you the very best of luck. You have had a hard life and deserve a great job. It is so hard to start out.

  4. I'm not a professional at this, but I do recommend that if you are this determined to get this job, then let them know. Don't say "I think I..." or "I feel I..." - be firm about yourself. Not "I think I should get this job because I will be great", but "ARUP Labs should hire me because I will be a strong, dependable link to the team" or something like that. It is not cocky or bragging - it is TRUE! They say you should dress for the job you want.. well you should also expect the job you know you are capable of doing! You can totally do this. Never doubt yourself. In a church lesson recently, we talked about how all good things come from God. Doubting yourself (when it is not constructive criticism or a rational self-evaluation) is NOT a good thing. It is your own thought, but to follow through on doubting and not believing in your self is what Satan wants us to do.

    I don't think you're doubting yourself necessarily, so that may have been an unnecessary rant...

    Anyway. You have a lot going for you, and they should know it, so let them have it! :)
    Best of luck to you, you're in my prayers.