Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Day...

In order to successfully say that I completed the Ultimate Blog Challenge, I have to post two blogs today. I wasn't sure what to type this morning, but I am glad that I waited because as the day has went on, I've definitely had more and more to write and share!

It's crazy how things can go from okay, to bad, to good, to okay again all in the course of one day. That's definitely how I feel today has went! Last night I discovered that I misplaced the key to the shed at the house that I am staying. The shed has the mower in it, and I really need to mow the lawn. I've been really, really frustrated about this and quite frankly I'm pretty upset. I don't want to come across as irresponsible or anything, because I'm really not. It's just one of those things that happens I guess. I just wish it didn't have to happen with someone elses key >.< So this morning I woke up, searched for the key again, and still didn't find it and so all morning I was fairly upset about it. It HAS to be somewhere inside because in order to lock up the shed, you have to have the key. Where oh where did the little key go?!?!!

This afternoon got much better when I got a call back from the Recruitment Department at ARUP Laboratories! I applied for a total of 14 positions doing two different jobs. I finally got 2 different phone interviews set up! One is on Thursday and the other is on the 14th of August. I am nervous about it, but I think I'm fairly ready. Tomorrow I will work hard preparing as much as I can, as if I haven't prepared enough already! ha! I've been researching and trying to get ready for the past 3-4 days. So I'm sure it'll go well, but extra thoughts and prayers are appreciated that I can really impress them and get an in-personal interview ASAP!

My day got even better when I got an e-mail from the Huffington Post! They let me know that the article that I wrote and the lovely Tenaya, The Starlight Children's Foundation's Communication Manager, put together, is now posted and life on their website. I was asked to write about me pre-existing condition, Crohn's disease. I touched on what it's like living in two different worlds, home and the hospital; always being on guard; the treatments that I used to go through; and the wonderful friendships I have made through the communities that I am a part of. I really hope that you'll check it out and share with your friends!

As is everything that the Starlight Children's Foundation asks me to do, this was a huge honor to be asked to write this post and I am thrilled that it was me who got to put it together. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

But then, unfortunately, I got a call from Express Recovery (people who want my money) reminding me that I still have a couple thousand dollars on a past hospital bill that I really need to pay. This I have always known and I realize. It's something that I want to get payed off, but unfortunately I just don't have the money to do so. They can't suck blood out of a turnip no matter how hard they try!! I told them that I didn't have a job right now and I'm working really hard on getting back on my feet because my husband passed away in December. She just went on without missing a beat. >.< She asked the general questions, best phone number, address and such to get in contact with me. I told her my address and then she went on and said, like it was no big deal at all, okay and so now your a widow and you currently are not working. I mean, I know that she is just doing her job.... but you don't need to tell me that I am a widow =/ Do you think I don't know that? I wish that people would have a little bit of compassion to them. It stings whenever I hear it. But anyway. I told her there is no way I could pay even a small monthly payment. Before hanging up I decided to humor myself... I asked her that when I got a job, or if I found I could pay the monthly payments, what would they be. I almost laughed out loud when she told me that she would start the payments off small at $250 a month when I first started paying them. And then they would increase by around $60. Over $300 a month. Even by getting a job, I cannot pay that amount. I am one person. Little education behind me. Trying desperately to find my way in this world. There is no way that without a degree I can make enough to pay rent, utilities, food, bills, skyrocketing health insurance premium, paying off thousands of dollars of debt to the school so that I can return and get my degree, start paying off school loans if I can't return to school within a year or so, AND pay 300 a month for my debt. It's beyond frustrating to me. But I am going to stop here because if i get into WHY I am frustrated (credit rating, pre-existing condition, little chance to pay it off in the first place.... etc) I'll be going on forever ;-)

So this put me back into a somber mood because it just made me think about the debt that I have and how it's going to be really hard to pay it all off. It's something that I want taken care of, NOW. And so it makes me think that even if I do get this job, it really might be best to stick to the original plan of finding a roommate to live with because the more money I have to pay off debt, the better off I'll be in the long run. I don't know what I'm going to do... but I find it hard to tell myself that I can afford all these things when I have money that I owe..

Anyway... That's how my day has went :-) Both good and bad. Just wanted to write a little bit so I can post another blog tonight to be able to finish this UBC!!!!!!

Edit: Well another bump in my day... Unfortunately I have just received news that one of my friends suffering from cancer has taken a turn for the worse and is now unable to complete hospice care at home. She's now been moved to a facility and isn't expected to make it much longer. Lisa lost her husband Gess to CF and I knew her from CF Wives. I didn't know her all that well, but she touched my life through helping me cope with the loss of Spencer. I am incredibly sad for her, but happy knowing that she will very soon be with her husband on the other side. I also got word that a CFer lost her battle to CF today as well. It's really hard hearing about things like this. It breaks my heart, even when I try to stay strong. =/

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  1. Oh Nikki,
    I am so sorry to hear of your loss and the difficulties you are having at the moment. I have been in a similar position with the financial difficulties and no job myself and I just wanted to let you know that things will get better. It may take some time and you will probably have some frustrating and angry moments but keep strong and you will get there.
    All of my best wishes and thoughts are heading your way.
    Stay safe and keep smiling!