Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day friends!!! I hope you can all enjoy yourselves and surround yourselves with friends and family today! Even though the food and activities are fun - don't forget what the 4th stands for ;-)

I woke up to a pleasant surprise this morning!! Spencer brought me breakfast!!! And I have to brag on him a little and just tell you how much this meant to me!! Today our ward had a breakfast down at the circle in which we live (well we live at the top of a very steep hill/driveway). I figured that if Spencer wanted to go get some food that he'd wake me up and we'd go together. Well little did I know he had something else up his sleeve.
At 9:00 AM Spencer got his tank out, leased nacho up and headed down the STEEP driveway to the food. After visiting and eating himself he decided to get me a plate of food (how sweeet!) This boy balanced a FULL plate of pancakes, ham, hashbrowns, eggs, and watermelon on top of a glass of juice while dragging his tank in the other hand with nacho attached to a leash in which he was holding - and he went up our driveway with it all!!! I'm amazed he didn't drop any of it!
You have to understand that Spence has a really hard time going up 1/4 of the drive way when we park and head to the house - but he went up the whole thing juggling food, drink, dog, and O2 just for me =) I feel so stinkin' special!
Thank you so much Spencer for this morning =) It really meant the world to me that you did that!!!!!
He's just such a sweet husband and I love him!!!!

We've decided that we want to go on a late afternoon picnic and then watch the fireworks somewhere together tonight. Our menu is fried chicken, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and watermelon lemonaid!! We're heading out to a picnicing area/trail near our house that is a BEAUTIFUL view!!! We're going around 4:30 or 5 and hopefully we can catch some fireworks tonight!!!! We're limited on O2 tanks and so we may have to come home after we're done eating but nonetheless I'm really looking forward to spending some much needed time with Spencer... all by ourselves... oh well with little nacho too ;-)

My thoughts and prayers go out to my brother-in-law and his daughter as they were in a head on collision last night. Myka was flown to a childrens hospital because she had a laceration on her spleen and was bleeding a little bit. But sounds like everyone is now doing okay and hopefully Myka will get released tomorrow!!! THANK GOODNESS everyone is alright!!! The van looked really bad =/

Got some good news in the mail today!!!!! They finally accepted my Voc Rehab!! w00t! So now I will start getting some assistance for schooling, bills, and living again and help finding a job when I graduate. This is MUCH relief as we're barely making it by. I hope it will all come through by the end of this month - but it might take a little longer. The assistance for fall semester would be appreciated as I don't want to have to take out too many loans. Already have to take one out for a new computer as I have 2 online classes this semester!

Another good thing is I am finally getting my car looked at tomorrow to see how much damage there is and how much it will cost to fix!!! I am VERY excited to get everything fixed - I just really hope I don't have to be without a car for very long. Tomorrow is just to assess the damage... I'm ready to be able to safely drive at night again!!!!

Well everyone have a great 4th!!! BE SAFE please!!! =)

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