Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Love!

Today is my husband's 23rd birthday!!!! Every birthday that he gets to celebrate is huge - as we never know which will be his last. But isn't this true for everyone, well it is - just to a different extent. I mean.... What if this birthday was the last? You know? It doesn't make me depressed, I'm not upset about it - but I've just learned to celebrate his birthday's to the absolute fullest so that we will not miss a single celebration together =) Every birthday is a milestone and I'm so excited that we've reached this one!!!!

We did have some plans today - but Spencer is having a lot of stomach issues so we're going to postpone our plans until he is feeling a littttle bit better and can leave the house for longer periods of time. We were going to catch a movie at the Gateway (Green Lantern) at 3:10 and then go to Red Lobster for dinner!!!! Neither of us have been there and we had a $25 gift card - so we figured it'd be a great time!!!

Sadly I haven't figured out what to get Spencer for his birthday. I had been planning to get him They Might Be Giants tickets for the longest time!!! Spencer grew up with this band and he loves them!!! And we've both been wanting to go to a concert together for the first time.... well they are playing at the Depot in Salt Lake in early November. So I go to order the tickets and you have to be 21 or older to attend!!! =( I was so upset! I will be a month too young =( Sad day. I talked to Spencer about it and told him that if he would still like the tickets that I would buy them for him and a friend/brother but he told me that if he went he'd rather go with me.... aww sweet boy he is =) So I am at a loss!! I didn't think of alternatives! I hope to run to Target, WalMart..... just annnywhere to get him a gift today - Everyone deserves a gift on their birthday: so today he shall get it - I will see to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully we can have a nice day here at home for his birthday... still contemplating on what we could do here to make it special.

Happy birthday, Spence!!! I'm so proud of where you have gotten to - keep on going and you'll reach great heights!!! MWAH!!!! xoxo

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  1. Idk about Spencer, but if I was spending my birthday at home, I would want a massage. A back, neck, shoulder, arm, leg, foot, full-body massage! And a facial, too, but idk if that is necessarily Spencer's taste. ;)