Friday, January 20, 2012

Nacho and Chloe- Day 5

Day Five - Talk about your pets
My one and only pet right now is Mr. Nacho. We kind of have a love/hate relationship. See Nacho was Spencer's buddy through and through. He loved me some times, but doesn't so much other times. Now we tend to have 'conversations' in where I will talk to him - and he will growl back at me. He's definitely associated me with all the negative things since Spence was in the hospital all of the time. I would be the only one to discipline him. I would always leave him alone, or take him to places he didn't wanna go. So I'm kind of the 'bad guy' right now. But either way - I love Nacho. He's a little piece of Spencer <3 Here's some pictures to enjoy =)

Here he's riding in the car with me to go and visit Spencer. Nacho LOVES car rides!!!
And here he is visiting Spencer in the hospital. He got to stay the night sometimes =) I just love this picture. It always made Spencer laugh!
And this is a picture that Arielle took! He's so cute!
And of course - I just can't leave out Chloe. Poor chloe. She was MY kitty. I bought her and cared for her. Well Spencer got her for me - but we used 'my' money :-P hehe. Sadly we don't know what happened to her. When we moved out we weren't allowed cats and so my parents took her in. They let her out one day and she never came back =( Sad sad. She was a great kitty! Here she is sitting on her food. Yes - she was kind of a food hog! :-p
Tell me about your pets!!!! =)

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