Thursday, January 19, 2012

Best Friends - Day Four

Day Four - Your favorite photograph of your best friend(s) -

I have four/five very, very best friends whom I can ALWAYS count on. I don't ever have to worry about losing them. I just don't feel like I can leave one out!
The reason I have chosen these people is because they have all been here for me unconditionally, always, without a doubt. Calling me, texting me, messaging me, dropping by to see me when they knew/know that I'm upset or needing some company. Their support is unwavering.
And don't get me wrong - I have SO many very, very good friends as well. =)

First picture - My sister. My sister is one of my best friends. Of course we fight sometimes, have a few different views, and of course constantly get on each others nerves, I couldn't ask for someone more loyal than my sister. This is one of my favorite pictures of us because it describes our relationship perfectly!! HA! We're always being goofy. Constantly laughing so hard that we cry, and sometimes crying so hard that we laugh. She's always here for me - no matter what, and I truly hope that she can say the same about me. Love you sis!
Emily came into my life through starbright world! =) We would talk and talk online and I was lucky enough to be able to go out to San Diego one summer and spend time with her. She understands the ins and outs of illnesses and really gets it when others just don't. She's always by my side. If I could have one thing different - it would be her living closer to me! Love you Emily and thank you for being the BEST Googly ever!!!! =)
There is just TOO much to say about these two. Adam and Christine. Where do I even start. I am so thankful to have them in my life. Christine and I know each other through the CF community - she is a CF wife as well. When it came to health with our hubbies, she was always my go-to. We joke around and say that I am her mini-me =) We have SO many things in common; more than you could imagine! When Spencer got really sick I got to know both Christine and especially Adam very well. They were always just a phone call or text message away. They had me over for dinner while the ICU was closed to visitors. They let me stay in their house overnight so that I could be close. They dropped anything that they may have been doing to come and help me through my time of weakness. Adam gave me a blessing when I needed it most. These two emulate the definition of a true friend. I just hope that someday I can give back as much, if not more, to these two. They deserve the world and more. Such kind hearts and caring attitudes. I love you guys now and forever. I only hope we can continue to grow our friendship together. <3 This is my favorite picture of them because I know it was the happiest day of their lives!!
Last but certainly not least - Spencer. I won't write much about this friendship because most of you reading know how much he meant to me and how close we were - and not to mention, I can already feel my emotions starting to creep up. Yup tears in my eyes. Spencer was absolutely my soul mate and very, very best friend. I went to him for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I am so, so devastated I don't have that in my life anymore. I miss his absolutely terribly. He was the bestest friend, the most wonderful husband, and the love of my life. I hope that he is taking the deepest breaths that he possibly can. I miss you, Spence. This isn't my most favorite picture - I don't know if i have a favorite, honestly. Every single picture that we took together I cherish so so much now. Every picture is my favorite.
Who are YOUR best friends?! Link your blog up in the comments! I want to know more about you!!! =)

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