Thursday, November 24, 2011


Despite having a rough day... I think it's ended well. It's a bummer that Spencer is still not feeling well but at least he's been awake the past hour. I just want to list what I'm thankful for. Anything and everything. No need for explanations unless I feel necessary. I'm just SOOO THANKFUL this year! So here it goes, not in any specific order, Except for number 1!! =)

1) My husband is alive
2) Kalydeco and Vertex... enough said =)
3) Dinner was brought up to us
4) My family
5) My mom and her amazing support
6) Sally and her help with fundraising
7) Not having to take classes with everything else going on
8) Advancements in medicine keeping my husband alive
7) Competent doctors and nurses
8) Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
9) Every little moment with Spence that brings a smile to my face
10) Nacho is home safe and sound
11) Duke is willing to look at Spencer's case
12) Donations and gratitude of friends & family
13) A place to live with minimal rent
14) A car, after everything we went through trying to get it!
15) Social security finally got figured out
16) Insurance is paying for all of transplant as far as we know
17) Warm weather yesterday, allowing my joints a short break
18) A very happy baby every week that I babysit!
19) My friends Christine and Adam and the way they have been helping me out
20) My true friends, in general
21) Spencer gaining weight, finally!
22) Being baptized in this wonderful Church
23) Getting married to the love of my life
24) Mom being able to come out to help me for a week
25) My family being able to spend thanksgiving together, even if it was without me!
26) The strength I've been giving through this troubling time
27) Everything I've learned about myself the past 2 months - good or bad
28) My Crohn's has been stable through all of this craziness!!!
29) Knowing what I want for Christmas - more than a week before (finally!)
30) I have not caught a cold or the flu yet -knock on wood-
31) CF Wives =)
32) Netflix and Hulu for all my late night TV needs lately =)
33) Finally learning how to knit and getting into the crafty mood
34) Understanding. period.
35) One of my friends husbands just got the okay for a double lung/liver transplant!!!!
-Read more about their journey, HERE and you can donate, HERE
36) Optimism, even what little I might have at some points
37) My mother-in-law is doing well in her fight with breast cancer.
38) My Aunt surviving breast cancer
39) The good times with my kitty even tho she's now gone <3
40) The times Spencer and I spent OUT of the hospital this year
41) Meeting new friends this year (Malina and Emily & Jesse)
42) Glad my new friend Emily and her husband are FINALLY out of the hospital enjoying today at HOME after over 4 months of being in here!
43) My faith
44) Being able to finally get a new computer, even if it was with loan money
45) Social Networking.... you all know you're thankful for it too!
46) Laughing late at night with my sister
47) Playing a million omgpop games until my eyes go funny with my sister
48) Fishman ;-)
49) a couple heart-to-heart talks with sister
50) That I have the best little sister ( I think she needs her own category on my thankful list!)

I'm starting to slow down a little so I'll call it quits there =) Was going quickly and steadily until about number 33. I'd say that's a dang good list! So even despite all the crappy things that have happened this year - I think the good things equal or outweigh the bad. That's why it's always good to reflect upon the positives. =)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful day with the ones you love.


  1. Nikki, you are just too amazing! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Spence! <3

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  3. I'm thankful that Spencer's hanging in there too.
    He's such an amazing guy, and he's saved my life on more then one occasion. Without Spencer encouraging me to go to the hospital and see a doctor, I wouldn't have gotten this new diagnosis and probably wouldn't be here.
    Praying for you both and sending my love

  4. Nikki I am thankful for you! I thought I posted this the other day but as I was rereading today I realised my comment wasn't there. We pray for you daily and are available for pep talks or for a shoulder. Thank you so much for sharing our blog and donation page it means a lot to me. <3