Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Catching up...

I haven't blogged in a bit - I've been pretty overwhelmed to be quite honest with you. I've had so many thoughts going through my mind and I really haven't been able to sort through them all properly.

First off - I am beyond thankful and blessed for the successful Benefit Dinner on Saturday!!! We raised a little over 10K and it came as a complete shock to me. I didn't think we'd raise much over 5k! I am so impressed with everyone who came together to volunteer, donate, and bid. This is a GREAT start to our fundraising efforts and it makes me very optimistic about being able to raise the money we need to be able to get Spencer a new set of lungs. I know it will slow down after awhile, but I hope people continue to donate throughout this process so we can afford everything!!!!

Secondly - I have been slacking on my daily thankful for's.... Not proud to say that but I guess I needed a bit of a break. Trust me, though, I have been thankful. I'm just simply Thankful that Spencer is alive, sitting beside me right now. I can't imagine what my world would be like without him. He's been my hope and my hero for going through all of this. He's had more than a few bumps in the road but making it this far is saying something!!! He's found motivation hard recently and so I'm trying my best to keep him positive and thinking about the goal! NEW LUNGS! Today he did great with PT and I hope he continues. He needs every day of rehab he can get so that he can get stronger! The better he is before transplant - the better he will be after. They said that it was probable that he wouldn't get off the ventilator; not impossible. I am trying to remind him this every single day. I still hold hope for him being able to strengthen up his body and lungs so he can breath on his own!

Thirdly - I am currently thinking of the next fundraiser I want to tackle. I think for the short term I want to create some t-shirts to sell. Firstly we need to create a website, pick out our "official" fundraising colors, create a slogan-type-thing, and get someone to draw us a pretty cool set of lungs ;-) Kind of like a logo. Once we get that all done I will start taking orders for t-shirts and start selling them with all the profits going towards the transplant. So if anyone knows of anyone who would like to make a logo for us let me know! =)
I also really want to start an Etsy shop - I enjoy crafting quite a bit, I just need to spend some time actually doing it! I know it won't make much, but what little does come in will all go towards the transplant as well.
For the next 'big' fundraiser I want to do - I am thinking about one of two things.
1) Geocaching Scavenger Hunt/Poker Run..... not 100% sure how it will work nor any of the details... but I've been pondering about it! Geocaching seems to be big around here and so I thought I'd use that to our advantage.
2) A talent show kind of themed on America's Got Talent. Have some people who could really play it up be the judges, have the audience vote... etc. I haven't thought about this one as much as I can see it taking a lot of work - but it's a possibility!

Also my friend and I are thinking about putting together a virtual run, but we haven't even started thinking about that one yet XD. We're both strung high, her more-so thank me, and aren't ready to tackle something that big yet. Maybe in the near future though!

We are still working on getting COTA set up and once that is set up we really hope others will start doing some fundraisers in their area!!!! Any little amount helps us out!!

That's about all I know for right now. Watching Spence sleep as we speak.... Thinking about headed home for the night!

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