Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A moment I cherish...

Today I'm thankful for the time spent with Spencer. He's just simply amazing. Such a trooper and fighter.
I babysat all day today and was really anxious to get up to the hospital to see him. He had surgery today for the PEG tube they put in and I was assuming he'd be sleeping. But when I got there he woke up and I talked to him for 1-2 hours... It wasn't even about anything specific really. Just how my day went and a few things about transplant. We seemed to actually have a normal conversation! We haven't been able to talk a lot lately because there has been nothing to talk about since i've been up at the hospital about as much as he had.

For a moment there - things actually felt 'normal'. We were both smiling and giggling. I was telling him about the two super cute boys I babysat for the first time today. Not that being in the hospital is normal. But we were uninterrupted and able to just talk. Be ourselves. Those are the kind of moments I absolutely cherish and cannot get enough of. Moments I won't ever forget. I'm not ready for those conversations to end. HE NEEDS NEW LUNGS! We need a new life together. One that doesn't revolve around hospitals every week. I just want at least one super good year with him in which we can explore things we've never ever gotten to explore before. I think we deserve that...

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