Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday (day 9 and 10)

I feel bad - I didn't post yesterday. I had a pretty rough day and I did TRY to think of things positive in the midst of being upset, but I couldn't think of ANYTHING. I really should have dug a little deeper because even amongst all the things that upset me, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for!!!!
Thankful Thursday ties in nicely with my November theme of being thankful for something each and every day... So here it goes - yesterday and today's Thankfulness =)

Day 9 - I'm thankful that even though Spencer has a few rough days - he has MANY good days following. I'm so thankful that even though yesterday was rough, he still was able to sit up for a few minutes and do some resistance bands. I won't ever know how he feels and it must be horrible trying to gain back all of your strength and energy..... I feel bad because sometimes I blame him for not trying hard enough, when sometimes he just simply can't do it. I'm used to the old Spencer, being able to walk and so I would push him to 'run' (not really run, but exercise) and I have to realize that I can't expect that out of him right now. Yes, it is valid most days to expect him to get up and walking - but there ARE going to be a few days where he really can't do it. I felt bad after I was pushing him yesterday to walk because he sat up in the chair for only about 10 minutes and as we were getting ready to get back up on the bed ( i was just going to help him) He couldn't even stand up on his own and we had to call in a nurse to help him. Yesterday was just simply one of those days where he couldn't do it - and that's okay!!! Just as long as he tries his best.

Day 10 - I'm thankful for sleeping in! I finally didn't sleep in too late, or wake up too early. But I did sleep in until a nice 10:30. I can deal with that! After waking up I just stayed in my bed and caught up on episodes of New Girl and Up All Night.... perfect!

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