Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankful Day 11

I am feeling so thankful right now. I think I've posted about it before but my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude. We received a very generous gift from a couple today who is also going through their own hardships here in the hospital. These are people I barely know, have only met a month ago. I also got word from someone who I am going to keep anonymous that they are going to donate a *very* generous gift to our transplant fund. It left me absolutely speechless.

We are becoming very humbled with all of the generosity. We are touched and blessed beyond words and to the point of tears. How can we ever possibly repay those who have been so kind to us in our time of need. What stuns me is the people who are giving and helping us out who a) are complete strangers, or b) going through trials of their own. The fact that they think of us, pray for us, gift to us is very selfless and kind.

When Spencer and I are ever in a position to give - we're going to be paying it forward all the time.... What else CAN we do... we are so very thankful......

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  1. I know the feeling. When I was in the hospital for surgery earlier this week I was amazed at how giving people were, even when they were in trials of their own.
    Praying for you and Spencer and sending love and hugs