Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thankful November!!!!!

Since we reflect on what we are thankful for come Thanksgiving time this month - I wanted to try to reflect on something every day this month to keep me positive and optimistic.

I missed yesterday so I will post two right now =)

November 1:
I am so thankful for the cards we received in the mail yesterday! My guidance counselor from grade school/ jr high/ and HS is having all of the kids in grade school make cards for Spencer after she shares his story with them. How amazing is that?! We have so far gotten cards from The 2nd and 3rd grade classes and then from the 1st and 6th grade classes! We can't wait to see more. They put huge smiles on our faces and tears in my eyes. They are wayyy cute!!! Spencer and I talked about the next time we're in Kansas to stop by the school and visit each classroom =)

November 2:
I am thankful for all of the support I've had. Online and offline. I had so many friends jump in very quickly today with prayers and love when Spencer had an episode of massive hemoptysis. We've been in here over 40 days and the support love and prayers hasn't stopped. I'm so very grateful for that. We need all we can get!!!

Day 3 to come tomorrow!!! =)

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