Thursday, October 6, 2011

Words From Spencer

Today Spencer was very alert! He's off the sedative now and they are trying to keep him off! =) I'm so happy! The vent settings are looking pretty good right now as well. They are trying to get him weened off of it and I have hopes that he can get off of it within the next couple of days. He wants me to make sure that I talk with the doctors tomorrow to see if he can get off it tomorrow ;-) What a trooper! He's going crazy having the restraints on him. I try to undo them every time I'm in there so he can stretch and scratch and everything. I guess the night nurses tonight didn't like me for that.. oh well. Usually they really don't care. Wasn't too big of a fan of his day nurse - or night nurse. Oh well. at least they USUALLY change daily so I hope we won't have them again for awhile.

Spencer is communicating through typing to me on my computer. I open up a document, make the letters really big so he can see them and he types what he needs to say if it's important enough. So good to see that! I wanted to share some of what he's been typing to me... Loved the first thing!!! Enjoy....

(I was talking to him about everything that's been going on, updating him... telling him i've been there every single day for him and I'm not going anywhere... He then wanted my computer to type this.....) "I love you nikki more than you'll ever know."

(I guess he's been trying to communicate to the docs that he needs things and he is having a hard time getting them to understand so he was saying he was frustrated...) "The drs never listen, or well i can't talk"

(Spence was telling me how much pain he's been in... He feels like the doctors aren't listening to him and understanding how uncomfortable he is) "I'm miserable. pain"

Loved being able to communicate with him today! He's the best!! <3 Love him so much! =)

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