Monday, October 3, 2011

I sat down tonight and wrote... This is what I came up with - 1/4 of a completed poem. I want to finish it but I just can't find the right words right now. But I was proud of it because I feel like it describes how I am really feeling through this whole ordeal. I contemplated sharing it because it's NOT completed.... and it's so broken up not to mention I might change parts of it...But I feel like it says so much to covey how I feel... I am going to come back to it at different times and finish it eventually I hope.... Just wanted to share...

I sit and stare with words unspoken,

The news I got – my heart feels broken.

“He's been admitted to ICU…

There’s not a thing that you can do.”

Fear runs through me, through my veins,

I can't feel anything but pain.

Not physical, though it's what I wish….

It's in my heart, I just feel sick.

Fear runs through me as I sit and wait,

I wish this was a big mistake.

With levels that are off the charts,

This news I got – it is no good

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