Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for all of your thoughts, prayers, support, care packages, cards, and help. Honestly, there is no way to explain how thankful I am of the support (in any way) that Spencer and I have been getting. I know that I am speaking for him as well. When I tell him he's gotten another card or package the look on his face just says it all. I want to start recording his reaction!!! I can't wait until he's alert and not in pain so that I can read everything that's been written this past week. We have some catching up to do - but we REALLY enjoy it!!

We have gotten several cards in the mail and they truly brighten our day! we love daily mail!!!! Keeps us hopeful and helps us just hold on a little bit longer. Even if it's been a harder day we get smiles on our faces. It's amazing what something as simple as a card can do! I can't even begin to name off everyone who has sent something, but I WANT to one day when I have all the cards with me because I can't possibly write thank you cards to every one every time someone sends us a card!

I am keeping them all together and I found out that we can decorate the room a little bit as long as it stays on the walls out of the way! So I have a little craft project I'm going to attempt so that we can hang all the cards up around the room =)

We've received three care packages and they've been great!!! Thank you SO much to Emily, Patty, and Julia!!!!!!!! =) You received the BIGGEST smile from me when they were opened!!!!

We feel the love and prayers. I never got it when people would say that they could feel prayers... but I get it now. You can just feel the overwhelming love and support overflowing and it's such an amazing feeing.

Unfortunately this battle isn't near over.... we have quite a bit longer to go here in the hospital, and then not to mention everything following the hospital stay! It's day number 30 in the ICU and vented. Whew it's been a LONG 30 days - can't imagine what is to come!

Again - THANK YOU from the very, very bottom of my heart. (and Spencer's) Please continue to pray and shower us with support. The longer we're in here, the harder it gets to remain sane... O.o


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