Monday, October 24, 2011

CF desperately needs to stand for CURE FOUND!

Wow. In the way my friend, Malina, said it - This year has just been brutal for the CF community here at our clinic. We've lost one too many CFers this year, two this month. They hit way to close together and it's really hard to handle it when you're going through the reality that it could be your husband next.

These lives lost are hitting WAY to close to home. I'm hating being in the ICU because i've been there when two of them died. I've seen their families, hurt, scared, sad, angry, upset. It's hard to see because I know that it will be me one day. I hope not anytime soon - but one day it will be me.

I just keep telling myself that WE ARE NOT THE NEXT TO GO! I'm holding out so much hope with this trach that's been put in. I hope that he can improve and get his strength back up. Just have to pray for no more infections, etc.

Breathe Easy, friends. Though I may not have known many of you very well - I know that we still lost 4 precious, precious lives this year.... and just one life lost is too many. We need a CURE to be found so soon. I can't imagine hearing that another one has been taken because of CF... I just can't hear it anymore...

I wanted to share a couple quotes and/or verses that I've been reading that have helped me get through these last 5 weeks (Wow! It's been 5 weeks?! Crazy!!)

"Stay positive and keep fighting. Never give up. The stronger you fight, the stronger mentally you are going to be in the end." -Astra Waller (fellow CFer from clinic who is now breathing easy)

- Everyday may not be good.... but there is something good in every day... (not sure who this was said from, but I love it)

- "A hero is not a person who puts on a cape flying around and saving people. A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles." (not sure who said this either - but Spencer is my HERO!)

There are more - I'll share at a later date. But I read these every day and they make me think of the good; not the bad, and at least crack a smile once no matter how rough the day is <3 =)

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