Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Penny for my thoughts...

We're on day number 37 of being in the hospital... the ICU of all places. It's getting pretty boring, but I'm getting pretty used to it as well. It's my new normal and I'm having to accept that I can't do a thing about it. I have to deal with it, live in the moment - and figure out how to get Spencer better while keeping myself entertained.

Not the easiest task - but I think I've been handeling it pretty well the last few days. I have my mom to thank for a lot of that. She was able to come to Utah on Sunday to help me out with some things and be there for Spencer as well. It's been such a blessing to have her here! You never know how much you miss your momma until you haven't seen her in several months! Spencer's been doing well while she's been here, but she keeps me company and puts several smiles on his face. While I am working today she told me that she would stay home and do the dishes and cook dinner =) A home cooked meal - something I haven't had in quite awhile!! (minus the one meal I had with Christine and Adam a while back which tasted amazing!)

I am having a pretty positive outlook on things. I can see Spencer starting to get better. We have this nasty curse of the threes, though. It seems like he has 3 good days and then we have a really bad day that sets him back quite a bit. (frustrating!). I am hoping to send this curse to the curb!!! Getting that breathing tube out of his mouth has made him a lot more comfortable. It's not as 'scary' seeing him now as it was. Honestly, he's looking like Spencer. Just a very weak and tired Spencer. But he is able to communicate SO much better with us. You can hear some of the sounds he makes, kind of it's hard to explain, and we can read his lips a lot better. I know that he's still in pain for the trach and that should start to go away... but I know he's a lot happier with it in.

I have been a little bummed out that he's had to take pain meds... It makes him so sleepy and after he takes them he's usually out for the rest of the day/night. I'm not going to tell him not to though! I think he's been a huge trooper through this whole ordeal. He usually goes until about 3 or 4 without pain meds and I don't know that I would be able to last that long!!! He amazes me.

I'm sooo ready to move out of the ICU and down to the step-down unit.... but then again I'm not. I've gotten really familiar with the staff in the MICU and I now know what nurses I like/don't like.. What doctors to talk to.. What staff I can bend some rules with.. etc. It's going to be a whole new discovery in the IMCU (step down unit). Leaves my mind to wonder a lot.
Will they be as strict with the precaution rules?? (I'm SURE they will!)
Will I be able to stay there through shift change? (NO idea)
Is there chances that I can spend the night there?
Will the staff be good - what about the docs?
Will the rooms be as big as the new MICU?
Will it have a good view? (picky I know.. but when you're in there ALL DAY LONG every single day... you need an outside view!!!!!!!)

Just questions like those run through my mind - something that will take a couple weeks of figuring out on the new floor. You also have to explain everything over again to the new unit... what happened to bring Spencer into the hospital... what took place in ICU.. how long we've been in there.. etc etc. Gets kind of annoying. Just look at his chart? lol :-P

But getting out of ICU is a step FORWARD... a big step forward. He will still probably be trached but at least we're getting out of there! Gotta keep our hopes as high as we can!!!

Thank you everyone for the thoughts, prayers, support, and cards. We really appreciate them and Hope that they continue to keep arriving in the mail throughout our stay in the hospital. They are needed to keep us sane! I've decorated Spencer's wall with the cards and it looks SO much better! Keep them coming!!!!!!!! =)

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  1. came across your blog somehow and just wanted to let you know i think you are incredibly strong! good luck and thanks for the inspiration!