Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 9 - and more

Day 9 - A picture of your friends.... Oh come on! One picture, I have lots of friends! I do have more friends than this - but sadly I don't have pictures of a few of them =( But here are some of my friends!!!! :)
Me and Amanda! She's my cousins girlfriend and we have some good times! Favorite thing to do - take crazy pics at family gatherings!!!! Best ever!
Emily! Met her online due to both having yucky chronic illnesses. She's been my best friend through and through. I've really enjoyed spending time with her! Too bad distance has to separate us!!!! Love you Em!!!
Syd and Jay are my bestest friends from HS. Sydney and I were always good friends, but we really connected our senior year of high school. It's hard to keep in touch with our crazy schedules - but we always manage to send eachother quick messages, and that is good enough =) Jay's been my best friend since freshman year! Again, super hard to keep in touch, and i feel guilty that we haven't talked in a long time! I miss these guys... they are a couple of the best people =)

So good to have friends =)
So onto the second part of my post... Spencer and I had an amazing day together - so much fun! What was meant to be a quick trip to DI to get a couple shirts turned out to be an all day outing and pretty spontaneous... just how I like it! We left DI in Centerville and really wanted to do something else, so with intentions to go to Layton's DI, even though we had no idea where it was. We just took off driving and decided to go whereever the road led us! We finally got to Layton from an off road, couldn't find DI and saw a Savers instead - we thought that would suffice! While trying to find the road to get to Savers, we actually ended up around the back of DI, where we wanted to go in the first place! Haha PERFECT! We then saw a Chinese buffet and decided to grab a bite to eat there.
Had some good conversations and a fun time just looking around at all of the stuff at DI. I love Spending time with Spence - it always gets better and better =)
I can't wait until his health is up and we can do even more together! That will come with time!

Busy day tomorrow!!!!!! Better get some shut eye. We're hoping to be able to move into the apartment Saturday morning.. -fingers crossed- :)


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