Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 8 / progress!

Day 8 - A place that you've traveled to....

One of the first places that came to my mind was CALIFORNIA! I went to San Diego to visit my best friend, Emily for a week... and then I went to LA for my senior trip.... and then LA for a video shoot.... and then LA, yet again, for the Gala. I chose this picture because almost every time I was in California I either visited Starlight headquarters... or I went there specifically because of Starlight/Starbright World. They deserve the recognition!!! They have done some pretty amazing things for me. Some of my best memories are from Starlight and all the AMAZING opportunities I've had with them :)

On another note - We are making progress in the apartment!!! =D Spence and i are SO excited to be able to live there. It's a great neighborhood and we are going to finally have a place to call HOME. We completely cleaned out 3 rooms today and most of the kitchen. Only a couple more to go!!!!! Hopefully we can start moving things in by Friday late afternoon-ish or Saturday morning. Fantastic! I'd love to be able to move in by Friday evening. All we HAVE to have is our bed and we'll be okay for awhile ;-)

One of the things I'm really looking forward to doing is to go shopping with Spence for food and a few things that we need for the apartment. :) This is going to be great. Perfect. And just what we need!!!! :) :)


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