Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 11

I'm so far behind with this! Oh well - it's been crazy and I can start doing a couple posts a day to get caught up!!!!
Day 11 - Favorite TV Shows
I LOVE House. It is my all time favorite show. i don't watch it very often any more, but when Spencer is in the hospital or it's a rainy day to stay indoors, I watch a bunch of episodes online, or catch older ones on the TV if their on. House marathons are the BEST!!! =)
Spencer and i have really gotten into this show. We enjoy watching it every week as we eat, do dishes or something. I think it's awesome how the bosses want to make a difference!
And yet another feel good movie that Spence and I really like. We saw the very first episode and both got teared up over it! I love feel good shows!!!

There are some other shows that we like to watch. HGTV is often on our TV! We like seeing the homes and dreaming about the home we'd like to have. We also like Extreme Make-over Home edition... and others!!! =)

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