Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 6 / Packed!!

Day 6 - Something that makes you happy: (I can't pick just one... and there are MANY more things than just these... but these are some of the first pictures that I ran across that made me smile and feel happy!!!!)
I feel super happy about the family that I am going to marry into in just 3 short months! We may all have very different personalities and opinions, but they are so, so much fun to be around and I love them all!!!!
My kitty and puppers make me happy! I always get super happy when I get home and my kitty greets me at the door meowing for attention. I'm going to miss her SO much when she's living with my family in Kansas!!! I also love our little rat dog! He may growl at me and bark, but he makes me smile a lot!!! =)
Definitely not last, and not the end of things that make me happy. But this guy makes me EXTREMELY happy! Love of my life, and best friend. I always look forward to coming home and him being there to greet me with a hug =) I can't wait to start the rest of my life with him!!!

Yay for things to be happy about!!!!!

So for the next part of my post - We're 95% packed and upstairs to get ready to MOVE!!! Started at 8:00 and finished around 11. Not too bad. Thanks George and Arielle - you made things SO much easier!!!! We're planning on trying to get most of the apartment cleaned on Wednesday. Hopefully we can get moved in by Friday or Saturday. O.o The sooner the better.
We think we've linked Spencer's headaches to the mold as well. He hasn't gotten a headache at the hospital or when we're out of the house - but about an hour after being in here he gets super bad migraines - the mold could be the reason why. Bummer =/
I hope that we're able to come over to this house for games and visiting!!!! Maybe once it's cleaned up better we'll be able to spend time here.

It's really exciting that we're getting even closer to moving out :) Next part of our lives - here we COME!!!!!


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