Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 4 - Embolization

I'm just rocking these daily posts and turning them into dual posts! W00t! So here we go again!!!

Day 4 - Your parents

This is one of my favorite pics of my parents because it describes us well, I think. So let me tell you a little about them.
As you can see in the picture, they are much shorter than I am - I love it! They are so cute! haha. they've been with me through EVERYTHING and I am so very thankful that I grew up in the family that I did. They made everything a lot better. They went to work every day and they did everything they possibly could to make sure we had what we needed. Putting themselves last. My sister and I ALWAYS came first. Mom still works her butt off to this day to support her family. She's an incredibly strong woman and should receive an award for everything that she does. My dad stays home and tends the house and dogs and helps mom around the house. He's a great go-to parent for advice on say like, cars, electrical stuff... :) He's not as close as my mom and I are, but he is ALWAYS there for me. he knows when I need the extra help and support and he really steps up to his role as my dad when I need it.

My parents mean the WORLD to me. I love you guys!!!

Part TWO of my blog... Spencer's embolization. They were finally able to get it done this morning and his doctor said it went really well. They knew how to approach it this time and so it didn't take too long. Things are looking good!!!

He has to lay still and on his back for at least 6 straight hours so he's pretty uncomfortable. They want to make sure the artery stay clotted off and then he'll be allowed to sit up and take it easy. He absent mindedly scratched at the sit where they had the cath in the artery and pulled off the tape/bandaid and a scab/clot that was forming and it started squirting out blood =/ (PAUSE)

Thankfully I was there because the stupid nurse didn't leave his call light handy and didn't plug is bed back in when he got back from the procedure. The bleeding stopped pretty quick but it scared Spencer, we had to swing open his door and yell for help because she wasn't coming right away. We're writing a complaint about her - she was terrible. Not only did she not bother to leave a call light, but when she got in she was like.. blaming him for everything. She was treating him like a little baby and it drove me CRAZY. She got after him for not immediately hitting the call light... well for the first time in forever I actually spoke up and told her "You know, we WOULD have hit the call light right away, but the bed wasn't working, and we couldn't find the button because you didn't leave it within reach, so I'm glad I was here." She didn't have much to say about that one.... She opened all the blinds so that they could see him from the nurses station and opened the door wide open BEFORE she started cleaning his rather private area up... Everything WIDE OPEN while he was completely exposed. EXCUSE ME?! he has a RIGHT to privacy! I started to close the door and then she stopped. I really wish I would have spoken up.... we're going to write a complaint about her. She was really rude and just an unhappy lady...

Okay (PLAY) ;-) So right now Spencer is back on his normal unit (AIM B) and he's sleeping. He got a Loratab for his groin and lower back so he'll just be able to sleep off the pain until 8:00 tonight when he is able to sit up and get some relief.

His doc is discontinuing treatments (just albuterol) for the rest of today to let the embolization hold. They will try VEST, Tobi and albuterol tomorrow morning; if that goes okay for the first couple of treatments he will probably be discharged. They might wait until Monday though to make sure that doing the VEST will be okay. YAY so we're outta here tomorrwo or Monday - for a LONG time ;-) He'll not take hypertonic or pulmozyme for awhile... so that will cut treatments a little shorter for this week... makes me happy =) But when he can get back with full treatments we're going to have to work really hard to get that junk out to avoid infection!

As for me... I'm doing well - things are going okay now, and so I feel a ton of bricks off of my shoulders. Spencer and i are more excited than ever to be moving out!!!! We can't wait until the apartment is cleaned - we're helping with that process and so we're going to go as quickly as we can!

I want to thank Sally Rollins and Spencer's brother, George and mom for being with Spencer this morning. It was a blessing that I was able to sleep in and not have to worry about coming up to the hospital bright and early in the morning after only getting 2-3 hours of sleep the night before. Thank you guys SO much for stepping up and letting me have a break with all of this for awhile. Hopefully I can count on you more later down the line :)

I'll call it quits for now.... Probably write more later as I have a TON of things on my mind. Pictures of the new place will be up in about a week! BE EXCITED! ;-)


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