Wednesday, June 27, 2012

slow day

Today is going by fairly slow even though Ash and I have kept busy! We've been on the go non-stop since she finished breakfast at 9 this morning! We played outside, danced to toddler songs on Pandora, took tons of pictures on Photobooth, did mini volcanoes, and now she's playing Barbies in her room and has stated she doesn't want me to join her haha. Have a couple other things up my sleeves if she starts getting bored. Been trying to be SO creative this week with indoor activities! ... But I can't believe it's only 11:30!!! Seems like it should be 2 in the afternoon by now! Whew she wears me out! But I'd definitely take her happy mood over the other! =)  If she takes a good nap today I told her that we might be able to go swimming for about an hour. I can't be out in the sun long since I am on antibiotics which make me burn up to a crisp really quickly, but I think a short time would be fun.... have to try some way to beat this heat.

Ugh the heat. We've been going on 100 + degree temps for about 2 weeks now. I'm so tired of it. And unfortunately the next 10 days isn't looking any better. In fact I've heard this could go on until around mid-July..... 106, 103, 106, 101, 99, 102, etc etc. Awful. Yesterday it was around 112. I feel so bad because Ashlyn wants to go outside during the day, but I have to tell her no because I know if I go outside it will completely drain my energy and then I won't be able to do anything fun with her the rest of the day =( Not to mention we can't do side walk chalk or anything because of how hot it gets! I tried to get her to run through the sprinkler but she hasn't had much interest in that yet.
Even though the mornings have been pretty hot too, I've been trying to get her to go outside first thing in the morning to run around, swing, draw on the side walk etc. to get it out of her system. I'd rather deal with 80 and 90 degree heat rather than 112!!! Praying that this heat lets up and we get some moisture. There are so many fires =( Of course Colorado has some major, major fires going on right now, but Utah has had 3 too, and counting. I heard that Montana has had about 3 as well - and I'm sure this doesn't even begin to cover it. Everywhere is in desperate need of moisture and a couple of days of relief from the heat! So thankful for those fighting these fires and praying they remain SAFE!

I got an offer from a couple of friends of mine, who I really don't know that well. We met in the hospital while Spence was in ICU and her boyfriend was super sick in the hospital as well. I think we hit it off pretty well =) They are both so, so kind and I wish that there was someway that I could pay them back for their kindness. They won't be moving back to Utah until October and have stated that maybe I could stay at their place in Ogden until I found a place to live!! This would give me a chance to find a good job so that I can be certain of my budget! Ahhhh even just the thought of this is a HUGE relief to me and makes me feel a little more at ease with the move. I hope everything works out. So right now, I'm feeling a little bit better about things... we'll see how long this lasts lol.

Anyway, just wanted to quickly blog while I had a chance. I haven't been blogging all that frequently lately so I'm attempting to get better about it when I have a free moment to just sit down and write. =)

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