Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 21

So I'm trying to post in here at least once a day, whether it be just a simple picture, the blog challenge I'm trying to finish up, or my thoughts for the day... I'm almost to 100 posts! Something I never thought I'd be able to stick with... but I like blogging, a lot :)

Day 21: A picture of yourself ----- It is sad that I don't have any recent pics of myself?! I need to get with the program I guess! I think the first step with that is to get an adapter for my camera to the computer. it's about $25 at radioshack... I think I can get it for $5 online, but shipping will probably get me. Guess I'll have to do some looking a
round since we don't have ANY extra cash right now with the wedding coming up - it's killing me that I can't go out and shop here and there. Or when I go to the store - I can't just grab something because it looks good or because I like it. Praying that a job offer comes in soon. Sick of filling ou
t applications and nothing coming out of it!!!!!!! I need some extra money, especially with VR closing my case next month, Our wedding coming up
(SOON) in June!! We splurged on a DJ (DJ Express friends!!! And even better, we got Jesse Stevens... YAY he did all of my HS dances and proms.. It's going to be awesome!) Gas prices going up up up, and grocery prices going up around June. Awesome.

Anyway.. back to the picture...
My and Chloe. Love my kitty!!!!! Tried to see how she'd react to the snow - she didn't like it at all!!! Haha These were all taken by the FABULOUS photographer, Arielle Towers They came out GREAT! :)

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