Sunday, April 10, 2011

Prayers for Tomorrow!

Asking for many good thoughts and prayers to be sent Spencer and I's way as we go into tomorrow. Spence sees his CF doctor and blows PFTs. He's been out of the hospital almost 2 weeks and we're doing a follow up appointment. If you've been keeping up through facebook you'll know that Spencer's been pretty sick and has had a REALLY hard start to the year.

Tomorrow we are meeting with the doc to discuss his current health state. We want to know where he is at and what options we have. We would like to know what to expect, present and future. It's a huge appointment - I'm starting to get nervous.

For specific prayers and/or good thoughts:
* Spencer's PFTs have AT LEAST sustained and not dropped

* For the CF doctor to deliver positive and encouraging news

* That she will be given strength to say the right things and make the right decisions and calls with his health.

* That he can STAY OUT OF THE HOSPITAL tomorrow =)

Thanks you in advance!!!


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