Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 17 - Big Decision

Day 17 - Something you're looking forward to
I am going to list THREE things I'm looking forward to

1. I am very much looking forward to my wedding day!!!! June 3rd - It's coming up SO fast and I can't wait! I am excited to spend as much time with Spencer as I possibly can, together, married... one. :) He's the lost of my life and I can't imagine not being with him. Gosh I can't wait!!!

2. I'm looking overly forward for THIS SEMESTER to be OVER!!!!! The last month has been really hard on me and, unfortunately, I've had to take an incomplete on one of my classes and finish it up this summer - but I think that decision was for the better. With Spencer's health, the wedding, and my own stress being so high this last month - it's been REALLY hard. I've wanted to Spend every moment I have with Spencer because I've really realized how precious life is and how much time I want to have with him while he's HEALTHY instead of sick...

For number three the second part of this blog "Big decision" corresponds with number 3 of Day 17.

What is the big decision you ask?

Well.... I've decided that it's time to get baptized and confirmed into the LDS church =) It's a HUGE decision and I'm really looking forward to it.
We were at church and as the sacrament was being passed out I had the STRONGEST feeling that it was time for me to get baptized. I really want to be able to partake in the sacrament and have it mean something. I love the feeling of the holy spirit and I want to be able to feel it more often. I want to be blessed with it. It's time and I am soooo ready!

Right now, the date is set for Saturday the 23rd. Spencer has a clinic appt on Monday and there is a chance he'll be admitted. It's VERY important for me that Spencer is at my baptism, and so if he will be in the hospital, I'm going to move it to a later date. So it's all tentative until Monday afternoon.

PS. Spencer's appt with the liver transplant clinic was canceled. They are just going to make it so that his liver doctor talks to him while he's in the hospital next. Works for us....

So that's day 17!!!!! can't wait for all these things to come! :)

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