Saturday, April 9, 2011

New hobby?

So this is what I have been doing all evening! I baked the cupcakes around 5:00... I was really nervous about the frosting. The last time i tried to make a butter cream frosting it came out pretty gritty and didn't taste the best; though we still ate it! But this time I found a different recipe, creamed the butter and crisco a lot better, and made sure I sifted the powered sugar a couple times.... whatever was different about this time - it worked because the butter cream frosting turned out fantastic!!! I used green, pink, and blue dye (I LOVE this dye, it's neon colors - so they are very bright with just a little dye!) They turned out really well - I was actually planning on putting candy eggs where the stems are - but the eggs turned out to be too big for the cupcakes... And I was running out of frosting to make eggs - so the stems are a little awkward - but honestly? I'm proud of them! This is my FIRST time decorating with frosting and i LOVED it. It was so much fun and really relaxing for me.
I don't consider myself to be very creative... and although I love crafts and trying to be creative, I don't ever seem to do a good job or I lose interest really fast. So coming up with this design for the cupcakes (with no help of the internet, books, or instructions!!) was a huge accomplishment for me!!! I think this is a great hobby. I'm looking forward to learning more tricks and designs that I can do - Next I think I really want to try a cake :) too bad this hobby might make me fat.. haha.. So I'm telling myself I can only bake when we are expecting company or plan to feed people :-P If we have extra - GREAT - gives Spencer a few extra calories - and goodness knows that butter cream has a butt load of calories!!!

Today was a pretty good day... I planned on doing homework but... well... I took the day for myself and I REALLY enjoyed it. Spencer and I worked out early this afternoon and it went so well! I pushed myself cycling - I didn't go as long as I wanted to because there was SO much to be done today. I am VERY proud of Spence for doing what he did :) YAY!

After exercising I did some shopping, came home and cleaned and did some dishes with Spence... then we had some guests over for dinner - Spencer's Uncle Matt and Aunt Suzy! They brought over some FANTASTIC sloppy joes and macaroni salad. We had a nice conversation... just trying to play catch up with each others lives. It's so very nice to have a place of our own where we can entertain guests when we want :) And keep people out if they are sick so that Spencer doesn't catch something. Thanks Suzy and Matt for coming over! We REALLY enjoyed your company!!!! =)

I'm glad today went so well - no tears, no frustration, so upset moments - It was just perfect. It's been a rough week - and when I mean rough, i mean HARD! VERY emotional and upsetting and frustrating with every turn... But I'm trying to put all of it aside, focus on my school work - and just not let things worry me... at least until Monday.

Monday Spence has an appt with his CF doctor and blows PFTs. I'm very nervous. She is going to fill us in on his condition and give us updates to where she feels like Spencer is. Spence says he wants to bring up transplant - maybe not for right now - but he wants to know more about it.. It's crazy scary - and I'm not even ready to think about being at the point for a transplant - but it's life.. it's CF.. and it's progression... and unfortunatly it's something we're going to have to face be it now, or 10 years from now.. We have to know whats involved with his future health, and somewhat what to expect. I just hope we get encouraging news. Please pray for this as both Spencer and I are nervous.

Alright, bedtime for this girl - Church tomorrow - excited to start going back!!

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