Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 19, realizing/reinforcing my passion

Day 19 - Something you miss

I actually miss a lot of things! I miss my family; my kitty Chloe; My best friends Emily and Sydney; The Sunshine and warm weather; Our home; eating healthy; Doing a bunch of fun things with Spencer...... And the list goes on! Being cooped up in the hospital seriously makes me realize how many things I miss!!! I feel so disconnected from the world! I get to see my family, chloe, Em and Syd very soon... in about a month!! =) After Spence gets out of the hospital I will get to be back in our home, I can start eating healthy and balanced meals again, and Spence and I will get to do fun things!!!! Next week for that! YAY! As for sunshine and warm weather - I wish I knew when I'd get to see it again!!!
On the forcast they are saying that we are going to get S N O W. Rediculous. BRING ON SPRING!!!!!

As we are in the hospital, we have our dog, Nacho staying with us. He's so good! And It's great for Spencer because he has to get out of his room to take him downstairs to go to the bathroom. =) Well the other day as we were taking Nacho outside, getting a DVD and some food we saw a little boy and his dad walking around. I smiled at them and we walked away to go get dinner.

As we were picking out which drink we both wanted, the little boy (being pulled in a red wagon) and his dad came up behind us and said, "excuse me, can he see your dog?" We get asked this A LOT when we take nacho out of our room. I'm so glad he can put smiles on so many peoples faces!

We said OF COURSE and as Spencer was having a hard time bending down, I took nacho in my arms and got on my knees so that this boy could pet and see Nacho. He looked SO sick and he was so very frail. My heart just wanted to break. But Nacho just lit this kids face up. =) I was telling him the dogs name and had nacho on the side of the wagon. He must have did something funny because the boy started laughing very quietly and had the biggest smile on his face. Something that I don't believe he's done in awhile.

I went on to tell him that Nacho was 3 years old. the dad says, Oh that's how old you are! And so I said, "Oh wow you're 3?!" Trying to get the boy to talk with me a little bit, as he was shy, sick, and wouldn't say a word. After I asked this he looked at me, smiled, and responded, yes I'm 3.

This about about the end of our encounter with the little boy so I thanked him for petting our puppy for awhile and left them on their way....

On our way back upstairs to our room it hit me, I realized...

man, this is REALLY what I want to do with my life. I want to help sick children. It's my passion.

My heart just lit up when this little boy, looking SO sick (Spencer thinks he has cancer due to the IV meds he had hanging up) started to smile and laugh and even speak because of Nacho and the attention AWAY from his medical condition that he was getting. It reinforced the idea that I NEED to work with kids who are sick. To help them FORGET about being sick, at least for a little while. I couldn't stop smiling and my heart was just so happy to know that we helped a family out, just for a few minutes. I was given such a huge heart, and I am blessed with SO much empathy.... A child life specialist is just the way to use this. I cannot wait to finish school and be able to work with children. I have such a deep passion for them. They are my life and why I do what I do!

Nacho also had an affect on a lady that same evening who was here helping her mother who had just went through lung surgery to remove some cancer. Nacho reminded her of her own dog in Nevada and so as I was getting food, Spence and this lady talked for a good while. He's such a GOOD DOG! Makes us happy he brings joy to others!!!


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