Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Haven't posted in awhile due to my life being completely uprooted by my husbands death, packing, moving, unpacking, and trying to settle back into life in Kansas with my family. Change is never easy.... transitioning isn't the easiest. But so far it hasn't been too bad. I think the worse days are when we don't have anything planned and I just kind of sit around, bored, not knowing what to do.
I'm trying to make a short list of things I want to accomplish while I am taking a break from school, grieving, healing, and enjoying my family; that way, when I'm having a rough day or just don't know what to do I can through myself into these "projects"
1) Get better at the piano - I want to learn the bottom hand much better, and I would like to be able to read sheet music much quicker than I do.
2) Finish our wedding things. I still need to put together a wedding album/scrapbook, put together our guest book, print out our guestbook pics, and order prints - among other things
3) Get into family history. No one really has picked up our family history for many many many years and I don't want anything to get lost. I really don't know anything about our family history so I'm going to spend time with the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and parents and start recording.

I also want to do some traveling this summer. I'm going to try to get a job here (good luck with that) to give me a distraction and so that I can continue to pay off a few thing - Hoping to save up a bunch so that I can make a trip to Philly this summer to spend awhile with my brother-in-law Isaac. I also would love to go and meet some of the CF Wives that I have gotten to know online so well. Really want to meet Kelly Drabant and her husband and daughter! Kelly has been such a huge support to me through the trails I went through these last 3 months. She's one amazing lady! Her husband is currently going through the process to be listed for a double lung and liver transplant!!! I am so excited for them as this is a new lease on life for their family =) If you would like to help Kelly and her husband, William out visit: and donate or sign their guestbook to give them some encouragement!

So now for the topic of my post - Thankful Thursday.
Amidst everything that's going on - I know there are things to be thankful for. Sometimes I just need to dig deep to find them

I'm thankful to be surrounded by my family. If I wouldn't be around them I would be having a very, very difficult time.

I'm so thankful for my friends and the love and support I've been receiving from everyone. It's what gets me through!

Even though I hate that Spencer is gone and I am feeling lost without him, I'm thankful he's no longer suffering. I'm so happy he can BREATHE without a struggle. I'm happy he can now watch over me and help guide me.

I'm thankful that I am ALIVE and doing well and that I can celebrate another beautiful year here on this Earth. Happy birthday to me!


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  1. Nikki you are one of the sweetest most wonderful women I know. You have been such a huge source of support to me through these last few months. I am lucky to have you as my friend. I cannot wait to meet you this summer. Love you girlie call/message/text me anytime day or night!