Friday, December 23, 2011

Help a friend out - it only takes a couple of clicks!!!

I know that there is a heck of a lot going on since it is the holiday season! Stress runs high, money runs short, everyone is running around everywhere getting last minute tasks done... But hang with me and please keep reading - because I'm only going to ask you do make a couple of clicks to help out a very special friend of mine!!!

Josh Mogren is just a not-so-typical guy (said in the BEST way possible - promise!!!) who has the same disease that my husband, Spencer, had - Cystic Fibrosis. He has a passion of helping others, kids and adults, live their life to the fullest, even with having CF. Josh has created many videos using his m/puppet, Moganko to help kids comply with their treatments to help them feel well and stay healthy! He makes it fun!
Well Josh has been working on the Super Secret, Not-So-Secret Moganko Project for the last several months and, friends, I am so EXCITED to say that it has finally launched!!! But the whole idea of this project CANNOT and WILL NOT happen without the help of friends, family, and the CF community!

Let me tell you a little bit about what Josh is wanting to do! (Taken directly from
As I've said - Josh makes a lot of videos featuring Moganko to help kids comply with their treatments and realize that they are so much MORE than Cystic Fibrosis!!!
"Creating these videos gave me a great idea! I want Moganko to meet The Muppets and create a public service announcement about cystic fibrosis. I know the Muppets could help promote our cause by reach out to people all over the world I'm not the only one who thinks this is a great idea."

Sooo how can you help make Josh his dream a reality?!

• Visit the Moganko For CF website to watch the Moganko videos, hear brand new and original music, and find information about great CF organizations.

• Join the "Moganko For Cystic Fibrosis Awareness" Facebook Fanpage <---- PLEASE JOIN!!!! =D • Share this project everyone you know. Retweet in Twitter using #moganko. If you only want to do one thing - JOIN THE MOGANKO FOR CYSTIC FIBROSIS AWARENESS facebook page!

Share This project with EVERYONE you know!! Retweet in Twitter using #moganko

Friends - this can WORK with your help!!

Why is this important to me? Good question!
1) As you know, and as I've said, my husband Spencer had Cystic Fibrosis. Josh and Moganko were a huge inspiration for Spencer. He always mentioned how much Josh inspired him to be more compliant and realize he was MORE than CF!
2) Moganko has helped so many young kids strive to keep up with their treatments and therapies which in turn keeps them healthy. As some of you have heard there is, what I like to call, a miracle drug called Kalydeco waiting to be FDA approved. This DRASTICALLY improves the lung function and over all well being of those living with CF. The healthier they are before this drug gets approved, the healthier they will remain after they start taking this medication. THESE VIDEOS REALLY HELP KIDS! I really want to see the word get spread!
3) I want more awareness brought to CF! It affects such a large number of individuals and more attention needs to be brought to help us make CF stand for CURE FOUND. By bringing the Muppets into this, we can in turn create a HUGE awareness project for Cystic Fibrosis!!! The more money can be raised to help cure CF!

As I've said - WE CAN'T DO THIS WITHOUT YOUR HELP! I need you ALL to log on to Facebook, go to the Moganko For Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Fanpage and "Like" it! Then Share it will all of your friends and encourage them to do the same! Also please, please check out to learn more about this project!

Feel free to blog about it, talk about it at your family dinners, set it as your profile picture - ANYTHING you can do to help Josh and Moganko out! =) It would really mean a lot to me. Thanks Friends!!!

And Josh - you rock! You're an amazing and extraordinary guy! Spencer REALLY looked up to you and loved, loved, loved what you do! <3



  1. Thank you for supporting my son, Josh. You and your loved ones remain in my prayers. You are an amazing young woman and I have a feeling Spencer would be happy for your efforts with this project. God bless you.

    Christine xo

  2. I adore you, Nikki. I wish Spencer could have seen while he was here, but I know he watching over everything with Angie by his side!

    Peaceful things!