Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sharing a friends words

Ever since Spencer's death I have known that my friend, Sarah, had written a blog post to me. I don't think I have ever met Sarah on a personal level but we are facebook friends, both go (went) to the U of U and we were both in ASUU together. I know I have seen her a few times on campus breifly as well. I don't think it was just by chance that Sarah and I crossed paths. She also has a few medical problems herself and so I'm sure there was a reason that we are in each others lives, if only it be online right now. You can read more about Sarah and her life on her blog: =)
Anyway...... I glanced at the post when I saw it linked on her facebook page but didn't take the time to read it. I was much overwhelmed and tired with everything going on and didn't have the right state of mind to sit down and appreciate what she said. But yesterday I sat down and saw her link a new blog post which made me remember that she wrote one to me awhile ago. I made the decision yesterday to sit down and read it. And WOW - it was just what I needed to hear. It was SO beautifully written. Her words flowed so well. I really wanted to share what she wrote and so with her permission here it is:

Somewhere, Beyond the Sea

This is for Nikki.

Somewhere high above the city, through the cumulonimbus and the thinning atmosphere, past the spot where stars twinkle and the moon smiles, beyond earth and beyond space, is a world without doors, sadness, or heartbreak. It's a place of light and love, where love really never dies and white is always in season. The gloriousness of this place can hardly be conveyed by a mere mortal. Having never been there, only symbolically I suppose, I can only imagine what it's truly like. But I do know that there is no disease, pain, or sorrow. Suffering is left behind and joy fills every crevice because the journey is over, and all were triumphant.

The worst part of this world is the ones left behind, the ones still suffering through grief and sorrow here on earth. It's hard to see sometimes that the ones you've lost are better because you feel so much worse. Slowly specs of time start to fill the emptiness inside, and confirmation will come through in the tiniest of ways to let you know everything will indeed be alright. An Everclear song on the radio, a sunflower on the side of the highway, two peas in a pod from the garden... It's the evolution of the soul in so many different contexts, all meaningful and all pertinent to the progression of the human spirit.

Loss is never easy. If it were, it wouldn't be called "loss", or the word wouldn't have such a negative connotation. The most sacred part of loss is knowing that eternity exists, the afterlife is there, and for the rest of your journey in this life can be propelled by knowing the ones you loved and lost will be there waiting for you when your sojourn is through. And that living without them, though never easy, does get more bearable, and even a little less lonely, even if it's the most minuscule amount humanly possible.

Somewhere, through the gray of the clouds and the inversion over this valley, past the light pollution from the skyscrapers downtown, above the space station and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn's rings, waits paradise for all of us.

Thank you for that, Sarah. So beautiful.


  1. A very BEAUTIFUL and PEACEFUL vision - nicely written!!!

  2. As I type this through tears, I just wanted to say, WOW! Just... wow!

  3. Wow, she's an incredible writer. Your blog looks beautiful and I love the wedding photo! :)