Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Recipe Organization

I admit it.... I'm kind of a recipe addict. I probably haven't even cooked the majority of the recipes I have!!! I have tons of recipe books with ear tags, sticky notes, you name it all over them. I have tried a recipe box, but I could never find the one I was looking for! So I came up with this clever idea the other day as I was rummaging through a few old boxes.

I found an empty, lonely, photo album just waiting to be used. (I got so many for HS graduation!) The sleeves looked just big enough for my recipe cards that have meal ideas from the interwebs. So Hey! *light bulb* it hit me, Why can't I not just put my recipe cards in these photo album sleeves?! And so I did today =) Still have a long way to go to finish it... but I'm already loving it.
No more flipping through a recipe box... I can look at all of my recipes at once!

I'm sure I'm not the first one who thought of this genius idea.... But I wanted to share!!
I really quickly made up the labels - Entrèes, desserts, side dishes, and drinks... I am probably going to go back at a later date and re-do them to make them more fancy and crafty - but they work for now!!! And these pics - they aren't the best. I couldn't find my camera and so I clumsily tried to snap a pic with my webcam built into my computer... they will have to suffice for now!

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