Friday, August 5, 2011

I know I haven't written in here awhile. I've been debating on what to write about. I want to write a really happy and uplifting blog post, but I also kind of want to create a "real" one... what has actually been going through my mind the last month or so. I feel really happy right now as some things seem to be falling into place... but there are times when other thoughts just consume my mind. I am feeling pretty great tonight so I just want to keep it happy and optimistic for now!!! The "real" blog will fall into place later when i'm having a down day and need to vent a little bit... but for now HERE is what I'm thankful for that's been going on!!! =)

If you've been following facebook, my blog, or even by phone or email you'll know that we were in an accident in May. We got rear ended by a young driver going pretty fast not paying attention. Spencer and I were both okay - but the car, not so much. We were able to drive it for about a month while the insurance took their precious time trying to figure out if they were going to pay for the all the costs or not. Finally heard from them and they said they would cover all the costs. So I go to have it looked at and was told that everything could be repaired. It spent a week at the auto shop (was told it'd only take 4 days) And then I got a call back saying that my car was totaled and they weren't going to fix it, just give me a settlement and go on with their life.

Great. Not what I was wanting to hear at all - but all-in-all it worked out. After getting the money in the mail a couple weeks later, getting a loan from my parents, and being car-less for over a week; Spencer and I finally got a new car!!! Well a new used car that is. Couldn't afford too much - but we got one heck of a deal!!!

My precious friend Christine so graciously went out of her way and took the time to take me to go look at cars and test drive some twice. (Can't thank you enough!). Spencer went with us today and we decided to buy a 2005 Ford Taurus SE. It's a super nice car and it's in great condition. I really wanted to drive it home today but they were going to detail it, service it, and put a full set of new tires on it. It's at the *very* top of our price range.. (seriously I think it went under maybe a couple dollars!!!!) but I think it was worth every penny. I was told that it was a steal at the price we got it at. I'm just so grateful that I found something so good!
I 100% recommend Beutler Auto Sales in Clearfield, UT for a car!!! Ask for Jordan Beutler!! He was very patient and kind. He told me upfront anything I needed to know about the vehicle. All of the guys who work there are very friendly and nice and help you out as much as they can! They go to auctions, buy cars, and give you a heck of a good deal. =)

So I'm very excited to have a car!!! It's the newest year I've ever owned and I'm pleased. Get to pick it up tomorrow!

I am also feeling so very grateful for the group that I created, The Chronicles of Crohnies. It was brought up to me to make it a closed group, as Crohn's can be a very embarassing disease that you just don't want everyone to know the details about. Making the decision to make it a closed group was the best thing that ever happened to it. There is so much activity in the group and my fellow IBDers are so helpful and encouraging to everyone.
I always have wanted to make a difference in at least one persons life. If I could do that - then I would be happy... But I feel like this was taking things to a whole different level. I have had countless people express their thanks to me for taking the time out to create and maintain this group and making it closed so that people would feel more comfortable sharing their lives on it. We're up to 74 people and add about 10-15 new members every day. The page was up to 204 members so I hope we can continue to grow!!! I have some good thoughts of what to do with the group and I am so excited!!! I know it will just keep getting better!!!
I honestly never thought that a support group that I created would ever grow so much and be so helpful to so many people. So thankful for that and I feel so good about doing this! =) I'm really making a difference and it makes me want to take it further and further. I have thought about doing a website - but we'll see where that leads!!!

I am kind of bummed that summer is coming to an end. I really didn't get to enjoy much of it - but all good things have to come to an end. I didn't do much of anything and it was really nice to not be required to study or go to classes or work. This is my last summer off of school for the next couple of years!! Gotta get done with my schooling! So I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can.
Even though I am sad it's coming to an end - I'm excited to get back into the swing of things again. Not looking forward to studying - but I do look forward to somewhat of a routine. I'm ready to be done with school and taking this semester head on is just one step closer to graduation!!!!!! I'm taking some tough classes this semester - but the hardest semester I have is coming up this spring - YIKES! Better enjoy this one I guess! I have to take a Spanish class and I'm really nervous about it!!! Not good at foreign languages and so I'm worried I won't do well... Just have to stay on top of studying and I hope I will be okay!!!

I am trying to be optimistic about Spencer. He's been a month out of the hospital for lung infection. Unfortunately he was admitted for a blockage for awhile... but his lungs have been doing okay and for that we are SOOOO very grateful and happy!!!! =D I just wish everything else with his body would corporate. O.O He's been very nauseous the last few days and I'm afraid he's dehydrated as he's not drinking a lot. I hope it's nothing else and won't require a clinic visit or hospitalization. But so far so good with the lungs and I hope he can stay out another month =)

Well that's probably all for now! Hope things continue to be happy happy!

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