Sunday, August 7, 2011

Moment of Happiness

Even among all this chaos that has been my last 24 hours with ER visit and admit (My husband) I was brought a moment of joy.

I always get the BEST feeling when someone thanks me for going out of my way and helping them out. For example, I think I've mentioned this in my last blog post, but I made my Crohn's support group a closed group and it's been the BEST thing that's happened to it! I get comments every single day of how thankful they are that I've taken so much time to make the group work. It just makes me feel so good to know I'm helping people. I cannot wait to see it grow!!!

The biggest thing that touched me today was a comment from a CF mom this morning.

She IMed me telling me how I have changed her and her daughter's life a bit. She reads my blogs and posts on facebook and she told me that I inspire her to be a better mom/caregiver for her daughter. She said I have taught her how to cope with things better and look at things in a positive way even though it sucks. She now looks at things differently for her daughter and their life. A direct quote from her, "I seriously love you! You're just am amazing person you're making me cry cause I just wish there is someone out there for [my daughter] that's like you......"

This makes my heart not only smile but just beam. What an honor. It is such an awesome and rewarding feeling when someone, let alone someone I barely know, tells me that I inspire them and change their life when really I wasn't even trying in the first place. I just write about my every day life in which is crazy but yet it has such an effect on some people. I don't think anything about my life is so extraordinary but I guess it's just how I choose to think about everything. Hearing comments like this reminds me the importance of ones actions and words on other people even though you may not know they are watching/reading.

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