Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Look

I decided that it was well overdue for my blog to get a new look! We're getting closer to fall and so I wanted warm colors - this is the best I could find in my rush and excitement to change how my blog looks! I am getting sooo ready for fall to come - usually I don't like it because it means winter isn't far behind. But I am SOOO ready to escape this heat! I'm not a fan of summer because of the heat.I get overheated very easily and can't be outside much even though I want to. And I'm not a fan of winter because I get sick easily, Spencer gets really sick, and my joint pain kills! So I'm all for fall and spring! =)

Coming into the new semester has kind of been rough. I was really ready for school to start because I enjoy learning and I needed something to do with my time - but now that it's here I can honestly say that I wish I had a few more weeks of break left! It's hard to get back into the swing of things... Balancing school with every day life and trying to find a job. I'm not liking living so far away from campus. Gas is sooo expensive and I don't like the 45 minute to 1 hour commute Tuesday's and Thursday's to campus - I guess it could be worse, though - right?

I am taking 4 classes this semester and 3 out of the 4 are pretty blahhh. Spanish is going okay - it's hard though. I don't have a book yet (no one does lol) Because the book store was all out, and I can't do any assignments because I don't have the online component. So I'm falling behind rather quickly in this class - though I hope my book comes Monday so I can play some majjjor catch up before class on Tuesday! I've been trying to study as much as I can from the notes I've taken in class. Hopefully it pays off.
I'm not enjoy my Research Methods class - hah oh boy it's boring. The methods of research. I hope it gets better. This class is 2 hours long and so it seems to go. on. forever. He gets into these really long examples of what he's talking about - and sometimes gets SO off topic! You never know what to write in your notes and if you wrote every thing you wouldn't know what's important to study! Guess the first quiz will help me out on how to take notes in the class.
Economics is blah too. Oh course it involves math and that's NOT a strong point for me! I think I will get some useful skills out of the class - but it's going to be pretty challenging. I'm trying to get ahead so that I can study more and don't feel so overwhelmed.
And for my BioEthics - well I love it! The topics relate to Spencer and I's life right now SO much! We're starting off talking about the theories of ethics and that's a little dull but he's mixing in some interesting things about transplants etc. I'm VERY excited to get more in depth with this class!!!!

I have every intention of studying a little bit every night - and I even open my books up... but so far.. it's just an intention. I haven't gotten much done. Don't think this is exactly a great way to start off the semester but I hope I can get into the swing of things soon.

I don't have a computer (using my husbands) and so it kind of makes it harder to study, take notes etc because nothing on here is my personal stuff... idk I guess it's just another excuse ;-) XD

Things will fall back in place soon and I'll figure out how to balance everything... just have to pretend for now!!! =)

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