Friday, August 19, 2011

Wedding Sneak Peak 2!

We got some of our wedding pictures back!!! We had my sister-in-law take the good majority of the pictures (about 8,000!!!!) and we also had a friend offer to snap some shots for a different view and angle as a wedding gift. Of course we accepted the offer and I am SO glad that we did!!! It was really hard for my sister-in-law, Arielle, to get pictures during the ceremony due to the setup and how the pastor wanted things to go... and so she could really only get pics focused on me and not Spence... While Linda was on the other side, she was able to get pictures focused on Spencer. It worked out great!!! So here are a few of my favorites that Linda took!!!! =) (They are in reverse order... it was SO hard to choose just a few good ones... there are tons more!!!)

Walking out of the church after tying the knot!!! =)
The rings and what they stand for...
Spencer saying his vows to me.. I love the emotion in his face =)
Saying a prayer...
My parents right before giving me away <3
My wonderful, FANTASTIC bridesmaids and the flower girls
I am in LOVE with this shot of my grandma Johnson...

Don't worry - when we get all the pics back I will make an online album for you to view even more =) But for now... I'm going to tease you a little bit a few more times! ;-)

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  1. These pictures are wonderful! I wish I would have been able to be there! =) Love them!