Monday, August 22, 2011

First day

You know, I will never get tired and any less excited about the first day that school starts! I've always loved the first day! Even though I complain about it and don't like some of the things that come along with it - I really do like school. I love learning - especially about things within my interest! It gets hard, it gets boring, and it's VERY time consuming but I'm so happy that I have the opportunity to be able to learn and i'm overly grateful that I'm getting the help to be able to attend school in the first place. I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for a few people and a few programs helping me out. So I'm really excited about tomorrow. I get to go to 2 classes on campus. I am taking 2 classes online. I'm really nervous about my Spanish class, but I think if I can keep up with it I will be okay! The only class that I'm REALLY looking forward to this semester is my bioethics class. We are talking about so many issues that I can personally relate to or I am VERY passionate about:
Genetic testing
Organ Transplantation and donation
stem cell research
Health Care
etc etc etc

The other classes are those dull, required ones that I just need to get out of the way. I think they will all be challenging and I am going to look at them in the most positive light as I can and try to take away as much as I can from them. I really want to be successful this semester and really hope I can keep up with everything!!! so here I am... excited for another school year - and not sleeping even though I have a HUGE day ahead of me tomorrow and need to get up a little early!!!

I have been struggling with a lot of things lately.... I am hoping that school will give me the distraction that I need. I've been looking at everything in such a negative way, and I am trying so hard to snap out of it. I talked to my doctor about some new meds and I think they will really help me. Depression is a hard thing to battle, especially when my husband is dealing with it too - so I hope now that I am taking the right meds I can be a little more positive about everything.
Things are just piling up - seems like once I think I'm getting one issue figured out - another one comes up within the next hour... And I'm not exaggerating this. It's been ROUGH. Feeling very overwhelmed with life in general.. then add spencers health, house work, school, studying, finding a job... whew!!! Lots on my plate.

I'm just asking for positive energy, thoughts and some prayers to be sent my way as I try to get into a new routine again. I'm having a rough time and I hope that things will start to fall in place!!!

More later =)

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