Thursday, February 2, 2012

My irritants... Shayna ;-) Day 18

Five things that irritate you - Day 18

1) When Shayna, my sister, looks over my shoulder while typing

2) When Shayna doesn't stop looking over my shoulder even though she knows it annoys me

3) When Shayna looks over my "arm" while I am typing

4) When Shayna corrects me with what I say constantly.

5) ...... Shayna.....

Ok ok just kidding =) She was looking over my shoulder and that does really bother me, but I thought I'd be funny and post about her. She thought it was pretty clever and started laughing and begged me to keep it on here.... Made me smile so I thought I would ;-)
But really... only 5 things that irritate me? I have a lot of irritants :-P I guess these are just going to be the 5 first things that pop in my mind. It changes on a minute to minute basis!

1) When people smack their gum or chew with their mouths open

2) When people ruin their health with bad habbits

3) People having no manners

4) When people say FML all. the. time. Really..... it could be worse.

5) People who are very, very fake. Who try to act like they like EVERYONE and then talk behind your back, etc. Yes - that really bothers me.

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