Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Photo of the Day

I need to somehow keep my sanity... I've been taking a few pictures every day of Spencer and/or myself... and so I've decided that when I need some down time or when I get too bored I will upload a photo that describes our day here in the ICU/hospital...

These pics are perfect for today....
Spencer is just sooo drowsy. he sits up and after a few minutes falls back asleep sitting up... or rests his head on the bed table and is out. Poor guy. hopefully he doesn't need too much more pain medication!!!!

As for me... well the precautions just SUCK! Since Spencer has multiresistant pseudomonas in the ICU they make VERYONE who goes in the room wear PPE (gown, gloves, mask) so that you don't get other patients sick. It sucks. On AIM B they don't make the visitors wear the PPE but in the ICU their pretty anal about it... Boooo. So Here I am... sporting this hot look... Cheating when the nurses aren't looking and taking the mask off ;-) I'm sure they know; just as long as they don't say anything about it ;-)

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  1. Praying for both you and Spencer, Nikki. Love you both :)