Friday, September 23, 2011

I am so dang happy tonight. I just want to tell the WORLD! And I can't seem to stop talking about it.

I came up to the hospital about 6:00 tonight and Spencer wasn't responding. They said that he had improved a LITTLE today but not too much. I was bummed because he was off of the propofol but still super super drugged up and not able to communicate. So at shift change I went down, grabbed some food and hoped that maybe when I got up there he'd be able to be a little alert. Boy he was much more alert than I EVER expected to see him!!! =D I got in there and he was trying to tell the RT what he needed. I was so socked to see his eyes wide open and him pointing and various things. I hurried as quickly as I could to get gowned up and try to help figure out what was going on. We never were able to figure out what he needed. We tired to get him to write something but he wasn't able to grip the marker and find the coordination to write. But I think we got him comfortable. I talked to him and let him know what exactly had been going on since we was admitted. I called my mom because I was just so happy and excited and put her on speaker phone so that she could say some encouraging words to him! He teared up and really appreciated it.

I stayed with him for 2.5 hours and he was awake the whole time. His pain started to get pretty bad around 10:30 and so they gave him some more pain meds which put him out for the night and so I left around 11. He squeezed my hand a whole bunch and i just talked to him as much as I could. It was just soooo good to see him awake. He couldn't stop looking at me. He actually smiled a couple times the best that he could which was great to see.

He SO badly wanted the restraints off but no one wanted to do that for fear of him pulling at tubes. I could have persuaded them to do it since I was right there but I didn't want to chance another set back. He actually flipped me off because I wouldn't do it myself... hahaha I got angry with him because I was trying everything to help him out..but it's ok - kinda makes me giggle now. He also was trying to get us to take the breathing tube out. I told him that maybbbbe tomorrow he could get it out. He shook his head like crazy and I asked him if he wanted it out tonight and he said yes. lol I had to calm him down because he REALLY was not happy. But I finally was able to explain how important it was that it was in and what happened when he pulled it out a couple days ago. Finally got him convinced that he just needs to get through tonight and that tomorrow will be a better day.

Promised him that i'd be there in the morning to talk to the doctors and figure out a short term plan and see if it'd be possible to get the tube out. I have no idea if he can get it out - but if he can't I want the doctor to tell him exactly why instead of just telling me or not saying anything at all.

I'm just happy. And I'm really hoping this is the weekend that he can get that breathing tube out!!! I hope that tonight goes well for him and he's able to make it through ok with out any problems.
Tomorrow will be a good day =)


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